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MessageDag Walter,dat ik je site nu pas ontdek is jammer,
maar komt omdat ik al mijn vrije tijd met de banjo
bezig ben en niet op de computer.
en Derrol verdiend dat ook,hij was toch een prachtkerel met een zalig banjospel en dito stem.
Derrol sprak met zijn banjo.Ik noem het een zeer mooie eenvoud,maar speel het maar eens proper na,
geniaal gevonden zijn techniek.
Jij doet dat perfect Walter,enorm veel dank.
Ook langs deze weg dank aan Ed Kooyman (geweldig entertainer en schitterend banjospeler) van wie ik de eerst stappen op de banjo leerde meer dan dertig jaar geleden.
Hopelijk spelen we ooit nog eens samen Dixy Darling.
Guido Lenaerts

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Messagegreat site im playing banjo with an old feller that used to play with derroll in europe and were goin through some of te songs charlie t was the guy and he just turned seventy last week they where also drinking buddies seems derroll was quite a character thanks again go play that banjo

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MessageMerci pour ce site. Il est parfaitement bien conçu, complet, intelligent et généreux. J'y reviendrai souvent. Et peut-être qu'enfin, un de ces jours, je réussirai à jouer un petit air au banjo, "rien que pour moi, le soir quand les autres dorment", comme Derrol m'y avait incitée il y a longtemps à Anvers. Oh oui, un très grand merci !!!

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MessageI just happened upon your site from the link at ( I really enjoy listening to banjo music and must admit to this being the first time I have heard of Derroll Adams - So I think you are doing your job in keeping his spirit alive. I look forward to delving deeper into your pages as time allows.

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MessageBonjour François,
Le site de Walter De Peuter est actuellement intégré dans celui de Derroll Adams et l’adresse habituelle disparaitra prochainement.
Toutes les paroles des chansons de Derroll sont également reprises sur le site (voir menu Music/Songs & Lyrics).
Le Webmaster

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Messagehello Walter smilie

I just found the (new) version of your website
and I want to congratulate and thank you very much for it.
It is perfectly well done. I remember we had been in touch some years ago,
but you where then planning to add the tabs, this is now quite nicely done.

I have been trying for years (decades) to learn this style
of banjo, mainly with Youra Marcus, and I never managed to
master the "downpicking" or "frailing" style;

with your site and tabs, I realize that Derroll was combining
different techniques (frailing, 2 finger picking) to play one song,
I will now be able to start learning again playing some of my favorite tunes
(the Sky, Oregon, Freight train Blues ...)

Also, I do like the videos, it is perfect to see Derroll's fingers
playing the real thing :D this is a very good thing.

I'd love it if you had a tab of Mountain from Along the Way which I find absolutely
beautiful (the lyrics help also);

Do you know where I could find some of Derroll's lyrics ?

Thanks again for your beautiful work, hoping to read you soon.

All the best

Francois smilie

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Namepatrick darcy
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Message: Hi Walter, what a brilliant site, thanks so much!Some time ago i found a framus 5 string open back banjo, just like the one in many photos of Deroll, it plays really authentic, I am learning from your great tabs, and intro's, Finbar fury, played in Bray co wicklow last week, and i understand tha smilie t Derroll gave him such a banjo.
The double c tuning really sounds the biz.
anyhow greetings from ireland to you,
Kind regards

NameBen Ramage
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This is a great site, thank you. I first 'encountered' Derrol's friend and occasional singing partner, Alex Campbell when I was involved in a folk club at Strathclyde University (Glasgow) in the mid 1960s and through his recordings I heard and became familiar with the work of Alex's great friend Derrol. I should have taken time to track Derrol down to see him in person when Derrol was still regularly playing in the UK. Anyway, time to get back to brushing up on the Derrol banjo techniques to which you have introduced me!

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MessageAls enige vertegenwoordiger van de dames smilie wil ik graag mijn waardering tonen voor deze site!
Als meiske van 19 leerde ik Derroll kennen in de 70's bij optredens in de Waag en de Teerling in Haarlem.
Ik koester fijne herinneringen aan deze soft- spoken en soft banjo-pickin' folk legende. Ik wil graag banjo leren spelen en mag een 5-string lenen van een vriend. De filmpjes en tabs op deze site zullen mij echt een stuk vooruit helpen.
Hartelijk bedankt hiervoor!

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