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Private Message added 2010-12-28

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NameChuck Allen
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MessageHello and welcome to Quincy!
My name is Chuck Allen. I'm the publisher of the local newspaper, The Quincy Valley Post-Register. I am also the elders quorum president of the Quincy Ward. My family also goes to Dr. Petersen. We received a letter from Chris today telling us all about you, so naturally I did a Google search for you guys and found this blog.

Anyway, we are excited you have chosen to live in Quincy! And you have picked a beautiful place to live at Crescent Bar.
I want to give you my cell number so you will have someone to call if you need any help while moving. It's (509) 398-5196. Call me any time.

We look forward to meeting you and having your family in our community.

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MessageBoston, MA - Boston Red Sox first off baseman Kevin Youkilis will miss the remains of the 2010 seasonable with a torn abductor muscle in his sound thumb.

He liking be subjected to surgery at the Cleveland Clinic on Friday to restoration the rare injury. His thumb will be immobilized in the service of the next six weeks.

Youkilis was injured in the damaged inning of Monday's engagement against the Indians after hitting a Fausto Carmona pitch. He stayed in the game initially, but was pulled in the third.

He finishes the 2010 pep up with a .307 batting average, 19 homers and 62 RBI to run with a .411 on-base portion in 102 games.

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