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MessageWhatever you do - don't go to that place that just advertised on my guestbook. The hutzpah!

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MessageI do not know you, but I stumbled across your blog one day and started reading. I hope you do not mind. Your life to me is real and something I can relate to. I like the way you write about it and wish I had your eloquence to do so. Those who can not write, read. Thank you for sharing your world.

MessageI too have been a caregiver for my mom who passed away from cancer in 94 at only 64 years. During that time my father died unexpectantly from a fall. Believe me when I say I can feel your pain and frustration and trauma from the loss of your mom and the unexpected reactions and actions of family. I'd always thought everyone would feel the same of taking care of a parent but honestly, there is a REASON you were her caregiver...And I found it best to search within for validation and comfort after she was family who I had always thought to be so supportive just couldn't bear to be with us during her final months...I felt very alone and exhausted. I guess we find energy when we have to have it... - Sometimes people around us can have so many issues with death and often prefer to lash out at others and inflict pain outward rather than face dealing with the pain within. One of the most helpful things I did was join a support group through Hospice and the local hospital of people who were dealing with the loss of a parent. It was an unbelieveable experience and I became good friends with a lot of them for almost 2 years. I think at that point we each became a bit stronger and looked more to our futures ..cherishing the past rather than wanting to feel the pain of the loss. Does that make sense? We needed to fully feel and deal with our lost and how we would go on...but then some kind of acceptance begins. You always long will this grieving go on?

NameJerusalem Jo
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MessageHello JuBu,
I just stumbled across this blog and i was deeply touched and moved by it. You seem like an unusually courageous woman and i hope you find the hapiness you seek.
In my personal experience of abuse i found that Susan Forward's "Toxic Parents" was very informative and also gives some very practical things to do that helped me a lot. have you heard of her?
all the best
it will be my pleasure to add you to my fledgeling
Tikkun Blogroll and other seekers of truth and healing which you can visit here -

NamePP (yeah, whatever)
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MessageI think you are one of the best writers out there... (but you knew I thought that already)


(- that just looked like the coolest smiley)

Keep on sharing your thoughts with the world- we need you!


NameGail Rae Hudson
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Just wanted to let you know, I became aware of your journal when you contacted me yesterday through the comment facility at <a href="">Mom & Me Too</a>. I'm reading through yours from the beginning with much interest, often nodding in recognition at bits in your posts. I'll write more later, Karma, but, in the meantime I want you to know I'm at the point in May when your professional colleagues let you know that they're not only willing but inspired to make room for your present life within their community. Excellent!
I know, being in the thick of it, you don't realize how much your are accomplishing on your own to allow your path to your goals to be uniquely yours. I see, in your posts, a wind-battered AND very strong young woman who is aware, thoughtful about everyone and everything, including her own experience, unlikely to dismiss detail and completely capable of riding the tide and "enjoying" an eventful, if hectic, ride.
I'm finding your reporting on your Mom's move to a nursing home and your Grandmother's decline especially applicable to my experience, as facility living may be where my mother ends her life.
Thank you for doing this, Karma.
I'll be in touch again. --Gail

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MessageA friend recommended your blog. I really admire your honesty and the way you seem so comfortable exposing the issues that most of us try so desperately to hide from others. Many people struggle with similar issues and I think your ability to share the turbulent and painful times that you struggle through can help give hope to others. Keep up your good work and keep taking great care of yourself. You deserve it.

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I think that our experiences with this disease will help others who are dealing the same path. Ty for sharing your thoughts, feelings and compassion for your Mother. These experiences will help you grow into a stonger person.
Bless you,

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MessageHey Karma,

I saw your post on the alzheimers association board. I thought I would check it out.

My dad has Alzheimers. Even though he is in a care facility just a few blocks from my work and I see him several days a week, I miss him horribly.

I hadn't thought about it before now, but I think a blog might be just the place to work through my greif about this.

Thank you for sharing.

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