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NameGeorge Young
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MessageJust surfing came upon this site always remember coming to Primghar to see my aunt as a kid Lois Williams

NameKen Schwartz
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MessageI knew a kid named Randy Jacobs that I was friends with in the Military. He lived and graduated from High School in Primghar around 1968. I heard he was killed in a big rig accident soon after he was discharged somewhere in Iowa. He always ordered his clothes from a Sears catalog and I used to really kid him for it. He talked about Primghar Iowa and going home all the time. He was good friend and I lost contact with him when the military sent us on seperate ways. I live in South Carolina and think about Randy and his love for Primghar from time to time. It must be a neat little town to live in. Just thought I would share this little story.

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NameMark Sorenson
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I grew up visiting my grand mother in Primghar every summer. I'm glad you have a web site I can visit instead of making the travel from California. I have fantastic memories of Primghar.

NameKimm Voight
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MessageI'm seriously considering returning to Primghar to settle down. I'm hunting for the perfect house and trying to get a feel for employment. I've been in the medical records/assistant/receptionist field since 1992. Neet Sheridan is my grandmother. I went to school here when I was a little girl and have always loved this town. Any advice? Suggestions?

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