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Namemalcolm hill
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MessageIf anyone recognises me from the 1949 intake, Please get in touch by e/mail.

NameJohn Bradshaw
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MessageThe Geoff Turton included in your then and now photos is my cousin, born 1948. He is NOT the Geoff Turton who was once with the group called The Rockin Berries. The photos you have are of my cousin who did attend Sheffield City Grammar School. Check out the photos of the ‘other’ Geoff Turton - no similarity whatsoever !!

NameAlan Clark
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MessageMessage for Norman(Tom) Sayles, last time I looked I'm still alive... smilie smilie I do believe you got me mixed up with Dave Clarke who sadly has died several years ago. Hope you are well and avoiding the Covid bug

NameAlan Clark
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MessageHello to any from the 63 intake. Went to Sheffield Art College after A levels, then a year back at CGS in the Biology labs as technician, went back to art college, gained a degree in 3D design in Silver smithing. Worked for a short time as a jeweller. Met and married my wife, moved to Buxton, built Narrow Boats in Whalley Bridge, bagged plaster at Tilcon in Doveholes then got a job at the local museum as attendant. Offered a chance to study to become an Art curator but when the display designer left I applied and got the job. Helped to design and finish The Wonders of the Peak at Buxton Museum. Made redundant and worked for myself in museum display, illustratoins, murals, models up and down the country. Now enjoying my retirement. Should anyone wish to contact me smilie

NameMichael William Firth
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MessageHello, I wonder if we could reproduce some of your Haymarket photo collection in our My Kind of Town nostalgia magazine? Thanks. Mike.

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NamePat Buck (Hemmens)
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MessageI have just found this site after bumping into an ex CGC pupil whilst staying on his caravan site in Norfolk! Great to see all the old faces. A well put together site, thanks for the memories and photos, I have lost all mine. Attended from September 1960-1965.

NameAnthony Baker
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MessageI am trying to contact John Davis who I last saw at the re-union in 2003.

Believe he was living in Conwy.

Anybody any ideas?

NameAlan Lomax
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MessageSadly Mel Heald died from Covid 19 last month. He went into hospital in North Devon on Christmas Day and never came out.

NameSusan McHugh ---Trippett
MessageWent to CGS 1963 to 1971.Now living in Birmingham and been retired from teaching for ten years now. Married with two children and back to home schooling grandchildren.I remember Gilbert and Sullivan concerts and took part with Jane Staniforth,AnneRiches,Alan Stretch and Norman Sayles. Wonder if anyone is still around. smilie

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