Welcome! This page is dedicated for hiking on Babadag mountain. Please write about this subject, but not of only tandem paragliding which does not involve any hiking. For example, it's ok to write about a hike & glide activity.

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MessageQ: I was told the white dolphin restaurant no longer exists. So where do I start the path? A: The easiest way is to start walking paralel to the beach from the promenade till the south end, then walk up to the car road from the stairs and keep on the tarmac road for 2 minutes looking to the left for the other stairs and green sign.

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MessageI'm so glad to have found this page. I could't climb the mountain when I visited Oludeniz because nobody knew where the route started and I went the Lycian Way instead. Now I realize that I came across green marks on the way, but without the map I didn't know where they lead and I was afraid to follow them. However, I'm definitely going to come back and try again.

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MessageHello! Me and my son, of the age of ten, made the path at 8th of october 2008. Thanks for the datailed description on this page and to those who installed the careful marking of the path. We started at 6:30 am with the first daylight on the beach and reached the top at 1:10 pm. Some pictures will be shown soonly on the page of hikr.org.
There are two points of little difficulty in orientation which i like to describe:
1. Just after the fountain it is hard to find the right way between bulldozer tracks leading in several directions. Pass this terrain by heading foreward in the direction you have started off at the fountain, until you find marks at trees not far from that little river mentioned in the description.
2. After you have passed the "eroded terrain with reddish coloured rocks", the path hits a newly constructed bulldozer-road where all signs are erased. Follow this road for about 50 or 100 m to the right. You will reach a recently errected fence at the left side of the road. Some of the green signs of the path are to be seen unreachable in the terrain which is now cutted of by the fence. To proceed you have to leave the road to the left and squeeze yourself along the left side of that terrain between the fence and rocks and prickly bushes. The fence ends at the corner of that negativly inclined rock where you meet again the marked path.

Greetings Tilman

NameDan Unwin
MessageDid the walk this summer - before finding this site. In fact all I had to climb the mountain was a road map... So I walked from OD at 7:00am & up to the start of the Lycian Way, hoping to find a path or trail to the L up the main ridge of the mountain, instread I found the bright green paint markers & was off following the trail. It took about 5 hrs in total, inc stops & photography. The top was shrouded in mist - so the views were not good. After a brief stop on top [ lots of unhappy paragliders waiting for a break in the weather ] I retraced my steps. A good & interesting summit, but there is nor real path up the mountain - just a case of following green paint marks [ very easy to follow ] over the rough terrain. If more folk walk up the a path will be established.

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MessageLeft at 4am from OD summiting at 0945 14 July 2007. This was my final attempt after 2 reccies. First 2 hours in darkness but used the Hisonoru road for quickness as I didn't fancy the downward scramble in the dark holding a torch. Magnificent hill spoiled only slightly by the terrifying jeep trip back to OD. Found this site after returning home. Good site but it may take away some of the adventure or pioneering spirit. I would also like to mention the heat which I am not used to, the friendly village people I met when testing the route and the goat herder who advised me I still had 2 hours to go when I thought I could reach the top in 1 Hour. He was absolutely right! Future walkers should note that the route leaves the Lycian Way just at the water fountain and is not obviously marked at this point.

Namejohnny vanhooren
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Messagehiked Babadag early june , it was breathtaking !
almost every halfhour we've stopped to enjoy the beautiful environment en making pictures of numerous insect living on the slopes. Next time i'll climb it again for sure. the way back extreme 4x4 ride for a few euro's

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NameJanne Corax
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MessageIt's very informative and a good source of inspiration for anyone who want to visit the area.

NameAmir Izadi
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MessageI hiked it at least 3 times a week in October 2002 and 2003. I would throw my glider on a truck and hike up and fly down. Its quite a spectacular in terms of terrain and flora. I would highly recommend it. Give yourself at least 5 hours if you're in average...

NameJohn Rothery
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MessageI climbed Babadag from the beach at Olu Deniz on the morning of 25th November 2003 while on holiday in OD. I left at 06.00 which was dawn, touched the sea, and it took me 4.5 hours to summit. It was a beatiful walk but the last hour was very loose and cho...

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