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Name Ken Dagger
Date 2012-07-13 03:56:32
Message Sandy.

Just received the invite to Selkirk for 20th July , and regret (again!) that Virginia and I can't make it on the day. We will however make a point of getting there before 2nd September. ....Promise!

Took the opportunity of browsing your landscapes on website. Not just excellent stuff, but for me very emotive. From Ruberslaw in winter, all the views of Denholm, to the driftwood on the Teviot.......many happy memories of us playing as wee boys......."a tear to the eye".

Great to see that you are still active and productive....... keep it up.

Name Oralishettist
Date 2012-09-17 12:22:33
Message Hello!
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Name Memtaxannuabe
Date 2013-12-23 19:54:15
Message hello

Name Lou Barker
Date 2014-01-04 09:59:49
Message We live in Surrey, but recently married and spent our honeymoon in the Borders. Friends of ours bought us a framed print of "Eildon Hills from Bemersyde" as a wedding present: it is beautiful and will be much treasured. Thank you very much.
Lou & Darren Barker

Name Kenneth Redpath
Date 2015-03-24 08:57:30
Message Hello Sandy, Found your website after searching for Scottish border artists and so glad I did, just ordered the print of Kirkton near Hawick as this brings back so many great memories, I spent all my school holidays there back in the 60s with my Grandparents at Glebe cottage just up the road from the kirk, many a day spent walking to Denholm and back to visit relatives. Do you have any exhibitions planned, if possible I may be interested in buying an original painting.


Name Diane Davison
Date 2016-04-26 05:32:15
Message Dear Sandy, sorry to get in touch on here with You again. I messed up with Your email address!!!I did respond to Your last email, which was some time ago now.! Am so hopeless with these things. It has been ages due to this, as well as I. have been unwell Myself as I noted in Your last Email. Do hope that All is well with You at the moment?.Mum has now moved a few yards ovewr the rd and is in a warden assisted place. Her eyes are not so good as they should be. Runs in the family as I remember. I am thinking of returning back to Uk? Well, take care from Your cousin Di.x

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