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NameKen Dagger
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Just received the invite to Selkirk for 20th July , and regret (again!) that Virginia and I can't make it on the day. We will however make a point of getting there before 2nd September. ....Promise!

Took the opportunity of browsing your landscapes on website. Not just excellent stuff, but for me very emotive. From Ruberslaw in winter, all the views of Denholm, to the driftwood on the Teviot.......many happy memories of us playing as wee boys......."a tear to the eye".

Great to see that you are still active and productive....... keep it up.

NameAllan and Jeanette Baikie
MessageSorry we can't get to see you. Next trip! Staying in Edinburgh, but have run out of time. We head back south on Thursday.

NameMick and Sheila
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MessageJust back from a lovely week in the Borders, visited a few art exhibitions (including Rolf Harris's) at various locations. We both agree that your exhibition at Selkirk was one of the highlights of our week. Every picture captured the essence of the region perfectly and presented to the highest standard with the calligraphic descriptions adding the final touch. A cracking website too, many thanks. smilie

NameKeith Hatton
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MessageI’ve just seen your exhibition at Selkirk and it was inspiring. Having started pastel painting 10 months ago I know how difficult it is. Your paintings are remarkable and beautiful. You obviously love painting and what you paint. Many thanks for sharing.

NameRobert Murray
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MessageI Saw item in April issue of The Scots Magazine about your work.Best Wishes,Robert Murray

NameMckenzie Munro
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MessageSandy, the website is excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed my 'trip' through your very beautiful range of paintings. It also brought back some very fond memories of my time in Denholm.

NameJohn Ferguson
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MessageI spent many glorious vacations in Scotland, particularly in the Borders... what an extraordinary talent for capturing the colors, atmosphere and tranquility of this beautiful part of the world. Just wonderful.


NameCorrina Hewat
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MessageWhat a great new website Sandy! Whoever designed it is a wonder. The paintings and prints are so well presented. I hope things are going well for you.
All the best

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