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NameDebra Kotary Fortner
Locationclick picture for more information
city, stateEastampton New Jersey
MessageMy mother who studies the family history gave me this web address to look at. Very interesting information and a lot of fun to look at. Thank you!

NameLeRoy Kotary
Locationclick picture for more information
city, stateNew Hartford , n.y. 13413
MessageMy great grandfather was Adam Kotary,my Grandfather was Robert Kotary and my father
is Clifford Kotary. Sean Kotary, whose picture
is on your web page is my son. I enjoy visiting
your web page and the stories and pictures there.
My phone number is [315] 735-9625 and would enjoy
talking with extended family members at anytime.
Thank you for your great work on this Page.
Roy Kotary

NameThomas Welsh, M.D.
Locationclick picture for more information
city, stateUnion, MS
MessageI'm the oldest grandson of Florence Gertrude Codori McGinn and I recently visited Gettysberg for the first time. The farm is magnificent and the this website is amazing. We moved away from Pennsylvania when I was a child and I had very little contact with the Codori side of the family after Dr. Codori removed my tonsils in 1957, so seeing all these "cousins" and catching up on the family history is a marvelous. Thanks!

NameTom Thomas
Locationclick picture for more information
city, stateBend, Oregon
MessageThanks for hosting Charlie & me last weekend, 21 September at your San Mateo home. We certainly enjoyed your and Sylvia's hospitality.

Tom Thomas

NameBill Codori
Locationclick picture for more information
city, stateSan Mateo, Calif.
MessageHi James Damele

Thanks for using the our guest book, I hope to have some information for you by this weekend.


NameJames Damele
Locationclick picture for more information
city, statelas vegas, nv
MessageI stumbled across this website while doing a google search. My family originated in Alpiciella,Italy, a small town near Genoa.
My father nd grandparents came to America in 1921 and setled in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would be interested in how we may be related. i was born in Oakland, CA and currently reside in Las Vegas. There are other Damele's in town but I have not been able to make contact. Any contact or help would be appreciated. Thanks for the website.

NameCarol Codori
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageCuz BC,
A continuing terrific job: I have been browsing tonight and really enjoyed seeing the additions. Yes, I like that Pitt picture too.

Cuz CC

PS: My dad, Robert Aloysius, born 5-1-1910 would have been 98. I am considering a 100th year-anniversary of his birth Gala at the Codori House. Let's discuss.

NameMark Joseph Kozakowski
Locationclick picture for more information
city, stateKilleen, TX
MessageI'm currently in the military serving in the active duty section of the Army. I stumble across this site and thought it necessary to sign the guest book.

NameJoe Miller
Locationclick picture for more information
city, stateSan Ramon, CA
MessageNice website! I am the grandson of F. Joseph Miller and Geraldine Blanche Codori and son of F Joseph Miller II (you have him listed as Franz Joseph). After my Dad passed away I've been digging back into his family history. I had no idea that the family had such an interesting history in Gettysburg. Thanks again for the site and if you can recommend a good book or source to read more about the Civil War and our families involvement I would appreciate it.
Warm Regards,
Joe (Francis Joseph Miller III)

NameSusie Hamlin
Locationclick picture for more information
city, statest louis MO
MessageIn a search for Liz and Al's current address I was surprised and saddened to find out that she had passed away. Liz and Al were our most favorite hosts on our trips from the midwest back to Virginia in the 90s. I wish we had known - please accept our much belated condolences and know that she is taking care of all the angels in heaven.

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