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NameJeremiah Arkham
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MessageLast week I did a google search for "bob and weave" because I had just used it in conversation with a potential love interest, but don't really know what it means. Your blog came up and I am now updated and addicted.

ed note: welcome- enjoy! feel free to share the love (if you're willing to admit to anyone that you read this shit!)

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MessageWhat kind of bike is that? Looks GS500-ish but not quite. Love the writing!

ed note: it's an '88 honda hawk NT650. very similar to the gs500, but better! ;) sadly, i decided to sell her a few years ago. looking for something new now that spring has arrived!
- unlikelyMD

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MessageI don't know if I'd want to see a doctor like you when I'm sick. But your blog is fun! Thanks.

ed note: um... thanks?

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Messagea guest book... how cute. just wanted to say that i enjoy reading your blog!

ed note: thanks for being the first to sign! it's fun/weird to have readers.