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MessageI'm from Sebastopol and I love your blog! You talk about all my favorite places. Keep up the good work!

Namejim dekom
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Messagesorry but your store is terrible. You need more ice cream selection.faster service.and your prices are outragous for the quality of your menu.Just being honest.bring your prices down or get a new menu.The quantity of ice cream you get for the price i paid this weekend.i got robbed.and the ice cream was honestly the worst ice cream ive ever had.You're lucky theres not another parlor in town.

NameLynne Keller
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MessageThank you for posting the recipe for Queen of Sheba Cake! We had a big snow last night, its a Saturday
(no office to go to) and its a perfect day to bake this cake! I don't even care that I'm allergic to chocolate, I love the delicious smell of it baking, and my husband will love tasting it. And I plan to bake another lemon cream cake for me!

NameTed Fleischman
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MessageThanks for the post on Tomales Bakery and the town.

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MessageI stumbled upon your page and found it intersting seeing as how I myself, just moved back to my home state of Wisconsin from living and working in Napa. I am a culinary grad from New England Culinary Insitute and I was wokring out at Julia's Kitchen at Copia, which is a hindden treasure of Napa. You should check it out sometime. The food is amazing Chef Victor is a culinary good in my eyes and the desserts there are something else. They have this very unuasal twist to them. Well that is about all I want to say. Enjoy your day. Sara

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Messagealways a pleasure to read your blog. lots of mouth-watering ideas, as well as great pictures of food and places visited! i would LOVE to be your taste tester!!!!

NameChick Pea
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MessageHi Nina

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Wow, baking and pastry Napa!! Look forward to seeing your posts and great recipes! Btw, I have an aversion to baking, but I've always wanted to try to bake bread...any tips or recipes you can share? :) Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked, crunchy, soft, chewy, delicious bread!

Best of luck with your culinary endeavour!!

Chick Pea

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MessageThis blog rocks!!! Now I need another glass of wine... Good work cutie! ;)