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NameJim Butz
Date2006-02-02 16:29
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MessageHi Chuck,
I've been reviewing your website and really appreciate the GREAT advice. Wish I understood it better. Most of this computer language is way above my head. Looks like spam in the network arena is your primary concern. I'll keep reading and see what I can glean.
Thanks, Jim

NameCharlotte Croll
Date2006-02-01 17:15
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MessageI'm quite impressed with your pictures and your whole network. It's great that you keep up with it and add info. If your church members don't check it out regularly they'll miss a whole bunch!

NameDoug Cochran
Date2006-01-29 19:38
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MessageJust to let you know who I am. Thanks for taking the time to work with me.

Private Message added 2006-01-28 16:53

NameJim Sweatt
Date2006-01-28 7:18
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MessageI just installed a linksys wireless router for my friend who has Bellsouth FastAccess DSL service and a Westell modem.

However, in "Network Connections" folder, there is a network connection named "Internet Connection" that comes and goes and appears to be conflicting with the "High Speed LAN Connection" network connection. When I disable the "High Speed LAN Connection", the other connection dissapears. When I enable it, the other one comes back.

Is this something you've seen before? How do I get rid of it?


The item "Internet Connection" is simply the UPnP interface to the router. Why it conflicts with the "High Speed LAN Connection" (or why it appears to) I cannot say. I would like to explore this though.

Please register at DSLR Forums (free), and post your question there. I'd bet you have a good answer by the end of the weekend.

DSLR Networking Forum

NameLiam Hyland
Date2006-01-27 21:05
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MessageThank you for your information. It is much appreciated. Liam

Date2006-01-27 13:13
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