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Private Message added 2019-10-16

NameAnnie Lee
MessageThank you for your great translations of Kurt Tucholsky's writings. I love the writings, and find them a great inspiration. I am an Australian living in Australia but I love German writings from that period and collect and perform German Kabarett material from the 20s and 30s. Would rather live in Germany, but alas am stuck here, a white alien, an Australien.

All the very best and thank you again for your wonderful translations.

Annie Lee

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Messagethanks for your interest in my translation, i've only recently discovered Tucholsky and its great to come across this project, find other people interested in his work. i'm excited to see what else you'll add to this blog in the future.

out of curiosity, did you find my post at random? i have a couple friends in germany right now working on a poetry publication, curious if there's a connection.