Me vs. My Breast

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Private Message added 2009-01-15

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MessageI am a male to female cross-dresser(closet). I tried many things to develop my breasts and am still trying. At 55 single and in good health and shape, I believe I am a female born with male body. And I wish I could find a man to accept and appreciate me. I wish I had breasts.
If you are a male with breasts... be proud. If people don't appreciate it.... it is their problem.
Love to All

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Messageno answer, I guess I will just kill myself instead. it's cheaper and faster relief.

Private Message added 2008-09-14

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MessagePlease add information on anyone who can help remove gynecomastia for someone who has no money and is too psychologically impaired by shame to get a job. I often come to the verge of suicide but I have not yet attempted it. I have been stuck at home for 8 years never going out even to get the mail. I have suffered being teased since I got gynecomastia and have had it for 14 years. Every doctor I find online who can do the surgery are too greedy and want 5000 dollars, any government branch I write to for support do not care and ignore my problems, any one I ask for help online tell me to work out but working out does not help. Some of them even encourage me to be suicidal and perhaps they are right, I am no use to this world and am too weak to do anything on my own.

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MessageHi there, thank you for this, it is simply life changing to know that there are others out there that feel what I feel. Ever since I was 12 I've had this problem and it has destroyed so much of my life. So many times I missed out on life hiding my embarrassing condition away because I know people don't understand. I know this because my own parents don't understand, they ask me why I don't often approach girls and I'm too embarrassed to tell them because they'll only make fun of me. Every time in the past I told them I don't want to live with this problem they just brush it off, not even listening to what I say.
I've tried exercising and now I think I am in great shape, the only part of my body that I am afraid to show being my nipples. I practically lived in the gym thinking this condition would go away and although I lost fat elsewhere the problem I wanted to fix has persisted. I even went to my doctor who ran hormone tests and found Im totally healthy, it seems like he didn't even know this existed! I was so hopeless, if a doctor couldn't help me who could? Now I'm at the age of 18 and a point in my life where I am not willing to suffer for my parents stupid ignorances anymore. I only hope this operation is not too expensive or that it is covered by my insurance because I am going to have to pay for it entirely out of my own wallet.
Thank you for your video and helping people like me, your contribution has put me on the right path again.

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It was very inspiring... I am planning to undergo gynecomastia surgery thru tumescent liposuction. Read about my experiences here:


NameBreuc Yansen
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MessageI am living with this problem and i do not no were to get help i live in m.d silver Spring

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MessageThanks. After wathing this film I have hope to solve my problem!!!

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MessageAmazing- great job on bringing light to an issue that is often kept under wraps.

I am interested in this procedure- I was curious to know how much Dr Lista charges- ball park range? If you could just post it on this forum this board thatd be great

PS how long did it take to heal for you?

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