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MessageI was searching for information on Felix Brutus, trying to refresh my memory of that history of Britain for a primer I'm writing, a one-pager for a publication aimed at American Renaissance Faire visitors (who for the most part will have to be reminded regularly that this is a false history)... and having thus happened across your site, I had to drop by. I cannot deny a long and well-established weakness for malapert minxes, as evidenced by the character of my own wife. But that being so, I could not bring myself to pass by without a smile and a note.

Thine hand I kiss in token of salute
And smiling pass, a suitor with no suit.

NameDick Brandlon
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MessageThanks for using my column as a link. I appreciate it. How on earth did you find it?????

dick brandlon

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MessageThank you for visiting my blog, and for linking me up. Quite an honor to find a link back to me in such a poetic place. I've also added a link to you, and will stop by as time permits.

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MessagePerhaps I had better begin this.