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Private Message added 2016-08-13

Nameaustin lubbe
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Messagethat is a great job to all the troops.i knew your mom a long time.she is a very nice women.tell her i said hello. smilie

NameJudy and Colby Kutsi
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MessageHey Troops! We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers every day. We were wondering if any of you can help us contact Sgt.Shane Belt. We believe he deployed to Iraq with the 1-117 Field Artillery out of Andalusia in October or November of 2006. We have been trying to contact him but have had no success. If you know him or know of him, please have him call or write his mom, or have him E-mail this address. If there is anything in particular you guys need over there, let us know.(socks, snacks, eye drops, magazines, games, etc.?) We tried to call the unit in Iraq from the National Guard armory here in Mt. Home, Arkansas, but we did not know the country code needed. Shane's mom's address is: Judy Kutsi, P.O. Box 103, Mountain Home, Arkansas, 72654-0103. Her phone number is 1-870-405-1757. Call. ANYTIME. Please tell Shane that his mom misses him dearly, that we love him and we are praying for him. Thank you. You troops have a lot to be proud of. Stay close to Jesus and things will be well for you in the long haul. Thank you again and Godspeed. smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie

MessageProblems don't go away by themselves, but opportunities do. If you wait for problems to just disappear, they usually get more serious. And if you dawdle while opportunity is knocking, it soon will leave and knock on someone else's door. If something needs doing, get right on it. Be patient, yes, but do so while taking action. If you're reluctant to do something that needs to be done, consider that it will only get worse, the longer you wait.

NameBtry B 117th Luverne Unit
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MessageHey guys i hope as you read this everyone is doing ok.We are proud of all of ya'll for what you are doing and are praying for your safe return.That goes for all of the 117th.Mike we love you and miss you and will be glad when you get home.Ricky i miss you as well as Bobby And Lee and all of the rest of you guys so be safe and keep your eyes open and hurry home.Mike Jordan take care and write me soon Love Ya smilie smilie smilie smilie Kitty Jordan

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Messagejust want to say this site is a solider that is going to replace your unit over seas... And I am geting alot of great information from this site.. thnx again Josh

NameAngel Ramsey
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MessageI enjoyed looking through this site. I also have a Website for the troops. My site is geared towards getting care packages to our deployed U.S. Troops. Here you can sign up to sponsor a troop, submit a deployed loved one for a care package, donate funds for shipping care packages, interact with the troops and more! The site is located at Please stop by to learn more about my program.

Namepensacola, florida
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Messagejoin us in wishing Capt. Chris Chisum a happy

happy birthday on saturday the 13th of May. Chris

we are so proud of you and we miss you so much,

take care and praying for your safe return.

Goodluck to all of you.

from your friends at GE smilie smilie

NameJames E. Jones
MessageBeen away for a while, Hope everyone is doing well, soldiers be tough and brave, familes be prayful and hopeful, take care of yourselves and always remember there are better days ahead. hope to see you all soon, SGT. Jones

NameConnie Cross
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MessageTo all the guys, God Bless you stay safe, and keep dry. my prayers go out to all of you , and i just want to say Thank you all!! smilie

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