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NameElla Cardin
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MessageI want to thank you for your blog! My husband and I are in the process of adopting a baby girl from China. We will be traveling to get her in 6-10 weeks. I have been having a lot of the same feelings/experiences as you and it helped so much to read your thoughts. I had my husband watch your China video and we both just cried. Thanks again for sharing your life with us!

NameBoca Chica Video
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MessageI should notify you about this.

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MessageCongratulations on your beautiful daughter! Our LID is April 2006 and has been a painfully slow wait as I am sure you experienced as well. However all the waiting anguish soon disappears when you hold your new baby in your arms. Have a great family holiday to DisneyLand

NameMaryanne Corder
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MessageDear Donna & Joe and Lauren! Just wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful addition to your family! As an adoptive parent myself, I could really appreciate your comments on the joys of snuggling with your new daughter! Enjoy! Enjoy! You are all blessed! Maryanne (used to work at the City but am now happiy retiredsmilie Wait till grandkids come - they're even more fun!

NameMonica Lamparter
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MessageDonna and Joe, Congratulations on your beautiful Lauren.

Your home! I hope everything is a little easier now. I hope you bring Lauren down to work sometime I would love to meet her.

Enjoy every precious day!

Namejoyce montoya
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MessageI'm really enjoying your updates on your new daughter. She is beautiful. You have your hands full but you will get through this. God bless you both for what you ae doing. You are both in our prayers and thoughts.

Can't wait to meet Lauren Elizabeth!!

Love to you both.

NameCrystal Hunt
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MessageMy heart goes out to you and to Lauren, we were in your boat back in May 2008. I am not sure Addison would have adjusted as she did if our boys had not been there. All I can say is be strick but not to strick on her there will be time to take care of all the little stuff later. Addison really enjoyed making a mess, throwing stacking cups and just being funny. My Mommy in me told me to stop her from now do not let it even start but the never an adoptive Mom in me said to back off and sweat the small stuff when we get home. It really worked and I would never allowed my boys to do what she did. The way you described Lauren tantrums remind me of Addison's, oh do I remember the pinching,slapping,bitting and pushing. I found the best way to force her to be close to us was to put her in a snuggly carrier anytime we were out and about in China. She really only walked when we were in our room, this would not have been her 1st choice but it worked. We even used it when we arrived back home anytime it was needed.
Your are in our prayers and just know we have all been there done that. I know it does not feel like it now but day by day it will get better and one day you will look back on this and smile maybe even laught. We have! I would have bet my house, while in China that would never happen, but now I know just how far we have come. Many prayers and love from, Winchester Kentucky

NameTassie Kowal
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MessageCongratulations! I'm a friend of Carolin Hunter's, we adopted our girls at the same time in 2005. I know this is an amazing day, and as I write this you are in the midst of your first night with your daughter. I wish you a wonderful transition and a great rest of your trip.

NameShauna and MacLean
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MessageWe want to wish you both a wonderful journey as you embark on parenthood. It is the best thing in the whole world. Welcome to the "club".

Have a safe and wonderful journey.

Shauna and MacLean smilie smilie smilie

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