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Nameelizabeth castleberry
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MessageI left you a comment just now with the pictures of your yard!! smilie

Private Message added 2007-06-10

NameSheree Ramey
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Messagesmilie You get some of the neatest stuff. smilie

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MessageHello!! And thanks for "Part One" of my birthday surprise! smilie

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MessageJust in case you don't see in your profile comments... the Peruvian drink is wonderful. I had quite an international dinner.... Indian food and Peruvian beverage, with Slovak poppy seed roll for dessert smilie

NameRebecca aka Willow Tree
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MessageHiya! Wanted to say I liked reading your blog! I also wish you could bottle up some of that mud and send it to me! smilie Perhaps a swap! smilie

Thanks again for sharing "you" with "me"! smilie

Have a blessed life!

Rebecca aka Willow Tree

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THANK YOU so much for the "newbie"-package through swapbot! smilie All the tings were so perfectly my style and what I like. I esp. love the animal-stickers, where were one green and two yellow budgerigars - we have one green and 3 yellow budgerigars. smilie And the illustrations in the little book are fantastic. This was my second received package through swap-bot and I've been very positively surprised both times! Thank you, you made me so happy! I hope to see you around. smilie

NameFingers Inc.
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageThanks Chy.
I received the "bestest ever" Swap-Bot "leftover yarn swap" package from you today! My head is spinning with the wonderful yarns. I can visualize wonderful ATCs, a small tote bag, and I'm pondering something wonderful with the red "fiber/yarn" bundle.
I can't say enough... every crafter at my work was "oooh and ahhh ing" over the great goodies I got.
The "handkerchief edgings" pamphlet is to die for !
I could have never asked for any thing better. Thank you again.

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MessageI'm moved by your letter. Thanks for sharing the love and making my day brighter smilie

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MessageHello- I am a new swaperator and I've drawn you for one of the "Lots of mail #2" swaps. Thought I'd peek in and get a notion about your personal style!
Brooke smilie

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