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Nameclint kirkwood
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MessageGreat site roll on the re-union

NameDavie Howie
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MessageAn excellent site and a pleasure to view. In spite of him still being on the bell,it's good to see Terry Carrol survived the Red Freds!

Good luck for the future.

Namedave gibbins
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Messagewell done on the web site see you all in august! smilie

Namepete harvey [ghost]
Locationclick picture for more information
Messagehi fellas just gone on line ,see whos about and whats going on piss ups etc.

Locationclick picture for more information
MessageNice to see you 3 Para,we always beat you at NAFFI break in the shot.Good luck with your work. smilie smilie smilie Ex 2 Para smilie

NameHarry the BAT Worden
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageNice one George hope your looking after my Hammock.Who spiked Blandies porridge with Helium
bit of water retention going on there Blandie. Will be there August hopefully.
Stag on H.

NameGeorge Duffus
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MessageIts on........... Our next Reunion will be on Sat 12th August 2006 in Darlington newsletter and full details will be with members and on this site shortly. Please pass this message on. Hope to see as many as possible attending, last years event was good at 147 hope to beat that this year, get the message round. Also can someone let the Jock know....... smilie George Duffus Chairman 3 Para Reunion Club

NameDenzil Connick
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MessageWell done for getting this site up and running.

I shall make an effort to get to the next reunion...as long as I'm promised that no one will hide my leg!

NameTerry Mc Court
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageSmashin site. Well done to you all and I am sure your membership will grow even stronger. I will pass on the details etc of your site and how to join etc at our next branch meeting Sunday 15 th Jan 06 as there are a few 3 Para lads with us.

Liked the Photo of Blandie, in a Kilt! Is he a real JOCK???

Best Wishes

Terry Mc Court/Ex 2 Para

NameJohn Dingwall
MessageWell done 3 Para Reunion Club for the excellent site. Ran through the membership list and saw a few names I thought I had forgotten about.
Best regards for the future!

John (2 Para)

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