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NameBrian & Heather Bart
DateAug 14, 2005
Locationclick picture for more information
Message(Original Post Date: 22-Mar-2005 06:28:00 )

City: North Berwick, Maine
Homepage: www.twin-cedars.net

We just bought a Lancer 36 full rig. You kindly
responded to my question to the Lancer list.
Great job on the web site and maybe we'll pass
you at sea sometime. Enjoy and keep up the good

NameNancy (Oest) Blakely
DateAug 14, 2005
Message(Original Post Date: 15-Mar-2005 14:29:17)
City: Havana, IL Country:

Randy Johnson gave me your website. What a
great life you have! We're having a class
reunion (35th!!) this summer (July 9)& hope you
can come! Do you have a land address you can
send me? We'll be sending out invitations
soon. Take care! Nancy

NameRandy Johnson
DateAug 14, 2005
Message(Original Post Date: 15-Mar-2005 13:45:54)

Name: Randy Johnson E-mail:
City: Tulsa Country: USA
Homepage: www.SellingSandSprings.com

Hi Guys,
I have not gone to your web site for
awhile...boy was I surprised! It's great, I
especially enjoyed the pics of family. The kids
look great and Bill, your mom and dad look like
they are doing well....and I had not seen Danny
since before we got out of high school!!! Take
care and write soon.....I wish I were back in
old FLA! Have fun, Randy

NameWayne Bumm
DateAug 14, 2005
Message(Original Post Date: 09-Mar-2005 19:44:45))
City: Williamstown,NJ Country: USA

Hello,Great site.I will stop by often.My wife
and I towed our Catalina 270 to the Keys in
2003,April&May.We had it lifted in at Marathon
Boatyard and used Burdines as our base.We went
over to the Dockside several times in our
dingy.Neat place,hate to see it change.We will
be heading down the ICW in two years to spend
the winter in the Keys.When we returned to NJ,we
ended up with a Beneteau 331 with the swing keel
which will be great in the Keys.I came across
your site on the Lats&Atts Board.Good
photos,reminds me of the great time my wife&I
had down there.If you guys are still down there
in a couple of years,we will try to look you up.
Keep on Sailing,Wayne on Bum's Rest

NameJulie Becker
DateAug 14, 2005
Locationclick picture for more information
Message(Original Post Date: 08-Mar-2005 14:45:46)
City: Fond du Lac Country: USA

Hi Bill & Charmaine - was checking out the
keysy.com website and read of the upheaval
taking place at Dockside. We are sorry to hear
of the changes and about all your friends who
will be displaced.Our best wishes and thoughts
are with you all. Came across the link to your
website and Terry and I have thoroughly enjoyed
reading about and seeing the photos of your
life at sea.As always, we are in awe and hope
that you are having the time of your life! We
are planning a trip to the keys in November,
sure hope we have a chance to see you if you're
around. Take care and enjoy! Love,

NameCaptain Lee
DateAug 14, 2005
Locationclick picture for more information
Message(Original Post Date: 23-Jan-2005)
City: Key West 16:26:44

Love your website. Ran acrosst it by accident.
Keep up the good work. Very nice.

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