Running in Suffolk

I am keen to here from any runners from around the world. Also to here from any former residents of Suffolk.


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NameRina van Coller
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MessageI'm not a long distance runner myself. But did you ever took part in the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. The Comrades Marathon is the world's oldest and largest ultramarathon run over a distance of approximately 90 km (55.9 mi) between the capital of the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa, Pietermaritzburg, and the coastal city of Durban. The direction of the race alternates each year between the up run starting from Durban and the down run starting from Pietermaritzburg.

However, why I visited your site in the first place, I'm desperately looking for any pictures of Little Horringer Hall where the late 7th Marquess of Bristol (John Hervey) spent his last days. Can you please help me in this regard?


NameOnline Stock Trading
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MessageGenerally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

NameConstance Haken
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Messagesmilie Hi, just to say I love Suffolk too ... ventured into Bardwell two weeks ago, delightful village and passed through Ixworth, equally charming. I'm not a runner but live in a place with beautiful river for long walks/runs/cycling ... it's almost deserted in the summer because there is nowhere for people to moor their boats, unless they don't mind doing what the tides dictate.

Love Waldringfield, the Deben, the Ramsholt Arms (sometimes), know lots of places in wonderful SUFFOLK, not to mention your choice of music ... Sending you peace and love for your running C

NameConstance Haken
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Message.... love your choice on FM ... Every Knee Shall Bow ... happy, happy, happy way to deal with chores on Saturday. smilie

NameWilliam Arthur Crighton. (billy)
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MessageHi,I did the same as you,but a few years before , i was playing in those programes you were selling . cheers billy, good times.

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NameCaroline Rouse
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MessageI'm not a runner or a resident, but had grandparents many generations ago who were born, lived and died in Hawstead which I only found out about this year. One of my great (can't remember how many greats) grandmothers lived at the almshouses in Hawstead. Thanks very much for showing me pictures of where she lived.

Caroline smilie

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MessageI'm not usually a fan of blogs - as most seem to be dull and tedious and just state the bleedin obvious. But yours is different - it's actually very interesting and informative. The article on The Clash and smilie hawkers is very well-written.

Well done whoever you are - Top Blog -

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MessageI too saw the legendary Clash at the Corn you remember the furore in the Free press the following week? Classic. Moaned about smashed-up toilets!

Did you know the bass player Paul Simonon once lived in Bury? Not for very long mind! Bit like the rest of us.

Take care smilie

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