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MessageThank you for posting the lyrics to Mama Hao and a link to listen to the song! We are going to be traveling in a few months to get our 2 1/2 y.o. son in China. We have learned some Mandarin and some American Sign Language, but needed a familiar song to sing to him to help him go to sleep. On our orphanage-specific Yahoo Group, the parents have told us that all the children know this sone. Thank you for providing access to it!!!
D'Arcy smilie 1/14/08

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MessageHey I think your jetlag should be over by now. Call me and tell me when I can come by. Love Cherie smilie smilie

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MessageI was just admiring your smilie journey. Congrats! Everyone is absolutely right, your daughter is beautiful.
I pray you have a wonderful adjustment period and all is well.

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MessageOh my GOD Karen she is beautiful! What did I tell you?! I think you guys got the wrong baby. You weren't supposed to get get the beautiful chub-chub with the personality! Who do I contact? My God! You guys have truly been blessed. She has taken to you guys it looks like , like ducks to water. I am so happy for you! See you soon. Love Cherie

Namebeth ladd
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Messagehey girl ... wow i've been watching the web sight each day ... your family is soooooo beautiful ! come home soon & bring her into work ! look forward to see you & meeting Cadence soon !!

Miss ya ! p/s so much has changed here at work ( to give you a test ; Jeff steped down & is now a 1st line mngr here in the office & Joe is going to Marconie ) smilie smilie smilie

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Thank you for sharing your very personal journey! My husband and I just made our decision yesterday, and reading your blog has made it so real for me. Amazing. Oh and I love all your quotes, they are all special!! Good luck on your return home with your beautiful daughter!

Hopeful adoptive mom just beinning her journey!

Private Message added 2006-03-21

NameLorraine & Rowan
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MessageWe have enjoyed reading your blogs and we look forward to follwoing you on your Cady Chase. Wishing you an amazing trip to fetch your daughter.
We were LID on December 9, 2005 and are patiently waiting for our referral. In the mean time we are busy with house projects and reading other on-line blogs.
Thanks for filling your site with such great info.

NameAdrienne Peterson
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MessageKaren, I am from the adopted from Hefei group. Will you do me a favor and look in my folder "Peterson". There is a baby in there that reminds me of your daughter. I would be curious to see if it is her.

NameAnn Hackbarth
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MessageHi Karen,

Just wanted to let you know that Kendra received her referral yesterday....HHHHOOOOOOOO RRRRAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY! She was one of the lucky ones...I hope the lost referrals find their way to all these families.

Can't wait to follow you and Scott through China! It's getting closer.........!

YOu have a beautiful daughter and I just have this sneaky feeling that she's just gonna LOVE her mom and dad!

Best wishes...keep posting, there are lots of us rooting for you 2, or rather you 3!


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