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Cindy its been a long time, couple yrs i think or so. i meet you in eyball chat and i was going through my paswords and accounts and started eyball chat again and another account zeocast and you were the one who showed me that. if im not mistaken. we had great conversation and chat.
i hope to speak with you again soon
take care and God Bless

NameIan Patterson (Eagle_Kiwi, New_Zealand)
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MessageHi Cindy. smilie
Hey, that cindyrilla.com domain name is SUPER ! (just like my eaglekiwi.com ;-) )
Anyway, I just noticed the send email to me here didn't seem to have any link in or below it.

Odd... maybe you'd removed it ? .. so anyway, being a persistent and contrary beast, I curiously tried the CHAT instead. Of COUSE you weren't there, but lo and behold, the BoldChat let me email you! (At least I HOPE the email went to you... I was kinda half-scvared it was going simply to BoldChat Support!?)

I guess in hindsight that's your intention, but I think you could make it clearer on your site - I think many people might, like me, find no email LINK, so just not bother.

Anyway, now I AM typing(UGH;-)) to you, a chance to reply to your PM in WackyB ..... TY... no problem. But I'm glad to know u r still around and we might meet on YM again sometime. I guess I figure there are SOME people who for many understandable reasons DON'T get to spend 5 or 6 hours every day online lol.

TTYL. ___º¿º___ I a n

BTW, hey, this looks a NEAT GuestBook !! I think I'd say the best I've ever used. smilie

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MessageHi dear,..I love ur site and this guest book,..I wanted my own too so I got it on link below but now I should write it into HTML of my site but I dont know how, where? Could u tell me? And one more question, how u didi slidehsow of ur wonderful boys in ur site? I´d wish to do it in my site, to try it but i need help...hugs and kisses to all ur family!!!!

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MessageI love your website. smilie I hope to start my own and your site gives me ideas! I hope I can figure out how smilie
Thank you!

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MessageGreat site. smilie I hope to do one myself in HTML.

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MessageGreat web site! I really enjoy it.

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