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NameJulios Martz
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MessageMove far away vincent e martz of mercersburg pa the egor “Better yet disappear from life for good!The things you did to your brother, and his wife are very unhuman.You called fulton county pa child services on your sister, and your brother and his wifes children.You caused your nieces death, And you caused your moms death.”You caused your brother and his wife many troublesome experiences in life and you came between their marriage”. and caused them problems,And from the problems you caused your brother and his wife.”Your brothers wife cheated on him with guys!Its your fault Vincent e martz of mercersburg pa the egor!Your brother and his wife contacted the mcconnellsburg pa state police.And they have a lawyer.Dont forget Vincent e martz of mercersburg pa.Your brother is a master free mason and a pastor!He has power and he can get rid of you.

NameJulio martz
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VINCENT e martz-egor mercersburg pa has stolen money off the grandparents from what i understand $40,000 and others in the family and the family holds him at fault for his niece's passing which can be a lawsuit against egor if his sister desires which he did call fulton county pa child services and caused the family alot of anguish and pain through the years and the families of martzs would like justice to be served against vincent e martz-egor mercersburg pa and He harassed and assulted his sister more than once at the Chambersburg pa walmart and caused her injury and pain she filed a restraint order against vincent e martz-egor because the police would not arrest this nutcase and roadrage against family members, threats,yelling out of control,foaming and eyes rolling Vincent e martz Mercersburg pa egor is a bad christian example and testimony to others and he is not human i would like anything if he disappeared from life.He desirves tortured, kicked,stomped spit on,etc on and i hear also he has stolen from family and got free handouts
to purchase a 15 jeep patriot white pa plate ece 7109

NameJulio martz
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageVincent eugene martz egor mercersburg pa you need to get through to your thoughts that you are not part of the martz family. You are the ugly duckling of the family and we do not like you egor.This is not over for what you did to the martzs and you deserve nothing good in life so do the family a favor and vanish because we don't even want to see your low life ugly face around we have powerful friends and yes even in high places and you vincent eugene martz egor are nothing we are blessed and you are the dirt bag you deserve a public hanging and all you are worth is trying to get something for nothing and better yet being a low life trash bum on the streets fits you egor you piece of nut cased dirt bag. you are a person with no feelings.

NameAndy Carbaugh
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Congratulations from one Andy Carbaugh to another!

NameWayne - Company 47 - Newville
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MessageThank you for covering our station last night while we enjoyed our company banquet!

NameFirefighter Laura Carbaugh - Company 55
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MessageHey. Guys this is a nice website! LOL!!!!!! <3 Keep up with the good work and be safe too!!! Peace Out!!!! smilie

NameMario Vitali
MessageFundraising for worthy projects can be arduous and very time consuming. It is heartbreaking to see the amount of effort that goes into fundraising for deeply worthwhile projects or causes, without decent results. No-one benefits at all. One of the best ways to raise money for your cause is to put on a circus. Over the years the circus has been proven time and time again to be one of the very best sources for raising funds. It also provides fun wholesome family entertainment, not only for the whole family, but for the community as well. Just drop me a line or email if you are looking for a fun and exciting way to raise funds for your organization.

Thank You Very Much,

Namedan jones
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Messagei love u guys u are so good at firefighting i love u guys whoooooo whoooo smilie smilie smilie smilie

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Messagegreat website cody keep up the good work smilie

NameDave McConnell
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MessageNice web site.
Stay safe !!

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