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NameDon Johnson
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MessageYour site is awesome. I was born in 67 and saw all the Globus Ninjas in the theaters. I became obsessed with Ninjitsu. Eventually finding a legit Instructor descendant of Stepen Hayes. I had all the dolons sports and AWMA catalogs and those wonderful sho posters! Hit me on my email let's go back mem lane

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MessageWhat memories from my childhood are overwhelming me when I hear or spell Shô Kosugi name. He was and still is my idol, the Ninja I always wanted to be. He was the reason to be a martial art fanatic (along with Bruce Lee). I’ am still watching his movies and the feelings cannot ne described. Thank you.

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MessageI just want to say that you were my inspiration since I was a kid. In the moments I was bullied in school I kept thinking of you and your Ninja movie characters and it gave me enough strength to survive. Thank you for bridging the East-West gap and for bringing us some of the most memorable martial arts classics in history.

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Thank you for bringing the oriental arts to the western world. I grew up watching , enjoying and imitating your movies. Starting at the age of 4. Every year for Halloween I was you as a ninja. I studied many martial arts, as a result of your movies and characters you have portrayed. Lol now at the rightful age of 35 I still watch your movies I just finished ninja lll and I couldn’t help myself. I had to find your fan club page to express my gratitude for being an amazing actor. I continue to try and study taijutsu/ninjutsu but being in the army made it difficult to find schools that teach this deminitioning art as I am moving from state to state. I’m in California now not sure for how long but I continue to search for training centers to keep up with love for martial arts. I hope one day I can run into you and shake your hand. Thank you again for your great movies and I hope to continue see more on the big screen.
Take care and good luck,

MessageThere is no longer any fan club. Sho's Instagram and Facebook is how fans hear from and connect with Sho now.

Along with REVENGE OF THE NINJA, the soundtracks for the following Sho projects have been released on CD:


SHOGUN MAYEDA (aka Journey of Honor, aka Shogun Warrior) (1991)

RYUKYU NO KAZE Dragon Spirit (1993)




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MessageHi i would like to know if there is any Sho Kosugi's official fan club apart from facebook or instagram or any other social network and second apart the revenge of ninja soundtrack has ever been release other soundtrack?


NameFrank M. Carter
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MessageEver since I saw Revenge of the Ninja with my brother Lance and my mother when I was 11 years old I was obsessed with all things Ninja. Sho Kosugi has been my hero ever since those days. Long live Sho Kosugi!

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MessageLove your website. The blog post about the Ninja-to and how Mr. Kosugi sent you a personal sword was especially touching and interesting.

NameRod L Hillegass
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MessageSho kosugi is one of the reasons I noe practice and teach martial arts! hr's the best

NameJohn Ira Mericle
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MessageI really enjoyed all ur movies.
you are very good martial artist .


Mr. John Mericle

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