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NameScott Koen
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MessageJeff, Jeanette and Joe
First of all I would like to make a sincere apology to you about my tone and accusations, I do not know you and now that I have been filled in on your background, qualifications and interests I feel quite literally, Stupid. I should not have posted as I did. I regret that and it will not happen again. I will reread your response to my questions (and my ignorance) and get back to you tonight
Thank You
Scott Koen

NameScott Koen
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MessageMost of your photos are at least 13 years old and were taken durring a paint job. The Airforce uses latex paint on there AC, thats where we got the idea. As for the verticles they were white when we got them from being outside on a pallet in Pamdale sandstorms for at least 10 years. The blue plastic, come on, its masking durring the paint job. The spike needs to be fully extended for the engine intake cover to fit. First you complain that the aircraft is open to the elements then you complain that we put covers on the openings. The pillowing effect was always there, have you ever seen the side of a B-52? We never got the pitot tube with the aircraft but you knew that right? As for the gear being overextended, what do you think happens when he aircraft takes off? It is true that this historic aircraft should be inside and far to much damage has been inflicted by mishanding but your willfull misrepresentation of the facts makes me wonder about your real motivations. Who pissed you off, Larry or Jerry? They are not there anymore, perhaps you should volunteer there again.
Thank You
Scott Koen
Former Director of Operations
Intrepid Museum

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MessageI want to take the time to say thank you, for the great blog.

I would like to know about the possibility of obtaining copies of the pages, that you got under the FOIA.

Thank You For Your Time.

Sincerely -Adrian

NameRon Kloetzli
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Many thanks for providing a forum for this subject. I am fortunate in that I am able to visit most of the public display Blackbirds.
Most that I visit are carefully sheltered and maintained. Unfortunately, a small number are used only as a high profile gate attraction.
The case of #122 is one of the worst.

Truly a shame that this is tolerated, or allowed
by the USAF which I believe has title to the aircraft. Shame.

NameRon Girouard
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MessageIt is sad to see what the Intrepid has allowed to happen to Article 122. This aircraft shouldn't even be on an aircraft carrier, since it has nothing to do with Naval aviation. But don't anyone think for a moment that 122 is the only bird being neglected on the Intrepid, they all are. How the USAF Museum and the US Naval Aviation Museum can sit back and allow this to happen to their aircraft is a crime. Thye have no desire to correct the problems and the best way would be to take the aircraft away from the Intrepid. Some individuals have given their heart and soul in trying to correct these problems, to no avail. Only an outpouring from the public demanding something be done will change this. Everyone needs to contact all the museums involved and let them know how you feel about the neglect. Heck, write your Congressman also, it can't hurt. Article 122 needs to be removed and sent home, home to the Nevada desert where she last flew iwth honor. Let's all help make this happen!

NameJoe Ventolo, Jr
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MessageMany thanks for the Blogsite. A-12 #122 needs all the help she can get. She's deteriorating rapidly and will not survive much longer unless she gets a proper display venue, and the intensive restoration and preservation necessary to reverse the damage.

Namejeannette remak
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MessageThanks for the GREAT Blog site. It's about time the situation of 122 was brought to the light. Much heartfelt thanks