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NameAlyona Smith
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MessageI remember getiing a copy of a talk "Why I am a mormon" a few years ago and how it strengthened my testomony. I can't say where it came from, but I still have a paper copy of that talk. Since then I've tried to find it online but couldn't. Can you please share the link again? Maybe there was a publication on one of mormon websites?
I would appreciate if you could send me feedback to [email protected]

Best regards,

NameDave Pettey
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Our son will be serving in the East Mission. He was to report April 9 at the Brazil CTM, but was able to go sooner and reported to the Provo MTC on Feb 6, 2008. Just 4 days ago on Feb 14 he received word that he would leave for the Brazil CTM on Tuesday, Feb. 19. He and we are very excited! I really enjoyed reading and looking at some of your entries and pix. Your final letter was amazing and I really felt your spirit and the Spirit during that read; that was awesome! Thanks. I served a mission as a Navajo speaker to the Navajo rez ages ago... it was a life changing experience. Our son is Elder Cameron Pettey, and I know he is going to do well. He is a very cool guy, loves the gospel, has a good head on his shoulders, and is very adaptable and resilient. If you have any words of wisdom as to what we can send him, say, or do, please contact us. We are from Rocklin, CA which is part of the greater Sacramento area.
Bro. Dave Pettey

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Message"When Jesus entered jerusalem,the whole city was stirred and asked."Who is this?"So many time the people will not know Jesus and his wonderful love and peace,and I too has asked about him sometime."Who are you Lord?"And so much he can and will shange in our life and we will not undersatnd always his good will. And too one sake too.Help the painful men that find Jesus,pray for blessed revivals soon,thanks and bless and hope.keijo sweden

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You did it! You served with honor and returned safely.
We are very proud of you!
Love you always,
Mom and Jordan

NameAimee Sims
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MessageCurtis I am so excited for you to be coming home! I've loved reading all your e-mails these past 2 years. Even though I'm married you need to stay in touch even though your a big spiritual returned missionary. I "dote" ya buddy! Congrats you made it!

Love Aimee Lorene Baldwin Sims

NameGrandma Beus
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MessageWell, Elder Tonks, soon to be Curtis, I assume you are busy packing right now and dealing with the mixed feelings of leaving and coming home.
I just read all the messages people hav smilie e left and I agree to all of them. You have served well and I am sure Brazil Sao Paulo is a better place because you were there.
Stephen has done an amazing job of keeping everyone up on what you have been doing, and I think has learned a few things for himself along the way. I am so very proud of my son and grandson and all you have accomplished in 2 years. Keep it up both of you and who knows what the years ahead will hold.
I love you very much and hope you know I will always be here for you.
Love, Grandma Beus

NameEric Leishman
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It has been far too long my brotha. I think that much partying is in order (the kinda of partying that includes papa murphy's pizza, disney movies, and soda pop if we get a little crazy)! Your return is like the story of the prodigal son, except in reverse (where the good father leaves for a while and returns home to see his son has utterly wasted his life). You have no idea how excited I am to have you home! You're like a bro to me, and I have missed you.
You are a great example to me. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, and I always will.
You're dad did an amazing job with your website!It kept me updated the whole two years (without which, i would have had to write you to find out what was going on...haha... sorry!)
I look forward to many more good times and memories yet to be made!

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MessageIt looks like we have almost made it!
We are proud of your for your work, Curtis, and are truly blessed and lucky to have you!
Your letters have been great, funny and very enlightening to your Catholic Mom, and your brother. Although we may never fully understand, you had a calling and you fulfilled it with the greatest of honor!
We love you!

NameKathy Junk
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MessageDear Curtis,
I read your "last letter" of your mission last week and cried. I cried for you to leave what you have loved and lived for two years and I cried for the new challenges you will face coming home. But mostly I cried because of the amazing "other son" you have become and the wonderful example you have been to my and all of our family. When you read this you will be home but I wanted you to know how much that letter meant to me.
The other important thing about your letter is for the first time in almost six months (it will be Christian's six month mark the day after you comel home)I stopped wishing time to hurry up so Christian could come home. It finally hit me that I would not want Christian home any sooner than he is supposed to be and that I would never wish away any of the good, bad, terrific, challenging, experiences he will face for the next 18 months. Your letter showed me that and I think it was a little present from Heavenly Father to help me stop missing him so much and focus on what he is doing and not how I am feeling. When you read this we will have hugged you at the airport--or maybe not since you won't be released--ha ha--but still it will be very joyful I must say!!! Welcome Back. We will do all we can to make the transition easier!!
We love you and are so proud of you.
Kathy and all the Junk Family

Name*Jessica Junk*
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MessageHey Curt!!

Wow, what an awesome birthday present--you coming home!!! I can't wait to hang out again with my favorite playa and go to a teenage dance in West Point to do the hokey-pokey. Also, I got Music Scene It for Christmas and we need to play it so you can dominate with all of your genius musical knowledge. See ya in a week!!!

*Jess* smilie

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