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Private Message added 2006-04-14

NameFebrianto EP
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MessageHi Cori, I'm Febri, from Indonesia, yoroshiku. I'm a huge fan of J-music and pretty often searching song lyrics on web. This is my 1st time visit, and wow..I think you've done a great job. With your album lyrics, I can find all my favorite artist's lyrics in one album. It really helps me a lot. Thanks, I really appreciate your efforts. I hope your site will be always updated. Thanks again, and keep up the good works!!

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MessageHi, would you mind if I borrow the lyric of Bittersweet by Miz and post it on my site?? you can check my site and see if I gave you some credits ^__^ at <>.

By the way, this site is really cool!!
Maybe you've done a lot of work just to keep this site active..
Some of my favorite jpop/jrock lyrics can be found in here! ^__^.

Thanks again!! Cori-chan ^_^


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MessageHello smilie It's a first visit to this website.
I have arrived there by looking for my favorite singer, Tommy February site.
Of course, Japanese is my tongue and I have understood lyrics of Japanese songs already.
But through English translation of those, I will take the meaning of those more deeply.
Thank you for your endeavor to read Japanese songs!! smilie

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MessageHi! Corichan. This is my first time to search lyrics from your website. Thank you very much for sharing and translating them smilie . I hope you're still updating the site for us.

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Messagehey, nice site here! got almost everything I need! smilie
I was wondering if you have heard about the new band "ikimonogakari". they are pretty GOOD, I think you'll be interested in their songs.

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Messageyo cori.....what a great website u have here...keep it up.....nice to have this kind of u have msn messanger??may be we can just chat sometime in messanger...just add mine....thx n keep rocking smilie

Messagehappy april fool's day!! that was great! i'm glad there are still people out there celebrating. ^___^

Private Message added 2006-03-30

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