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NameG.Pranoy Sam
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I am Pranoy Sam . I am a new sunday school teacher
and I want to teach children sunday school songs to
my class. I have listened them, they are touching.
Thank you.

Namestella marina yoseph
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Messagehi.. im new sunday school children in my church... so i want to teach our children Christian song.. smilie

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NameKeisha C Woodall
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MessageMy daughter has started a kids gospel community choir. We are looking for some material for beginners. Thx

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NameBery Yeung
MessageHi, I like the song "Thank You Mum" very much and kids are going to sing this song in my church. Two children of mine sing this song all day long. Thank you for writing this song! Do you have any songs for Father's day? Looking forward to hearing from you! smilie

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MessageI used your Christmas song last year for our childrens carol service. I taught them without the music and they did very well. Thank you, everyone praised them and said how much they enjoyed it. I have come on here again to look for another Christmas song. We are getting ready for this years service. Just wanted to say thank you. M.

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