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Name David Woo
Date 2005-09-13 14:36:53
Message Clayman: everytime I see your site, it grows richer and more colorful. This is really a wonderful achievement!
I see a lot of familiar faces in your crowd, we must have similar tastes.
Congrats on the site!

Name mazanga
Date 2005-10-17 20:47:39
Message very nice collection of watches. fantastic pix

i was wondering would u be willing to part with the idf kontiki. it remindes me of the one i had while in the service, though the markings are diffrent.

excelent job on the pages,


p.s. the DOXA SUB 600T very very good looker!!!

Name PN, from the PMWF
Date 2005-10-21 10:03:03
Message Hi Clayman!
Very nice site of yours. Not to mention your watch collection. I like them both.


Name Robert aka IWC
Date 2005-10-21 10:09:40
Message Outstanding job!!!!!! You need to add Sinn U1 and the Irish band U2 to the mix..

Name Tinker
Date 2005-10-21 10:16:31
Very nice, like the Eterna model. No 50 fathoms.

Date 2005-10-21 10:17:25
Message Really great site. I always read your posts in DWF as we seem to have similar tastes. I'm not as keen as you are in the military watches, but I've learned alot from your site. Keep up the great work!


Name Mike K
Date 2005-10-21 15:58:34
Message Vely-vely nice I fowarded a link to your website on tz-uk also. Good comments so far.

Name John Walker
Date 2005-10-22 12:07:23
Message Superb site...every dive watch/Military watch fan should see this.The best hour i have spent in a long time.Thanks for all the hard work.

Name P.R.Regan
Date 2005-10-22 13:20:21
Message A very professional looking site combined with a superb collection of watches has ensured a most enjoyable and informative visit.Keep up the good work

Name Jay Levy
Date 2005-10-25 11:57:53
Message Great site, very informative. Pics are super!
Thanks for your efforts.

Name Jim
Date 2008-11-26 13:05:31
Message Hi,

I have an Aquastar Benthos I Pro. Loved your pictures and was wondering is you knew any source for the 20mm rubber Isofrane strap. I may have written you before on this subject.



Name Pablo Calvo
Date 2005-11-13 07:22:27
Message Oh my God¡¡¡¡¡¡
So years waiting for something similar...
Thanks for a site like this. Good job.

Name Massimo Bordoni
Date 2005-11-21 10:00:32
Message This is the most exciting web-site about diver's

Name M Anderson
Date 2005-11-22 16:39:47
Message Great website full of useful info whether a novice or an expert...something for everyone.

Name Jason Vaught
Date 2005-11-22 21:30:46
Message Hello, I love your website. It is very well designed with a great deal of useful information. I am in the market for a AURICOSTE SPIROTECHNIQUE and I am having trouble researching this fine looking dive watch. I would like to know how much one should expect to pay for such a timepiece and where to look. Also, how you would rate the quality and durability compared to others such as Tudor or Tissot.

Thank you,

Jason V

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