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MessageNice pics and valuable info but i am missing the fifty fathoms!

NameEddy Gonzalez
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Messagegood Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MessageHi, Great collection & pics! I'm curious about your Tissot Seastar 1000: The mkII hands are a great improvement-just wondering why you didn't complete the theme w/ a mkII Plongeur dial? My guesses: 1) You liked the stock dial. 2) mkII dial the wrong size? or 3) You thought that the black mkII dial wouldn't be a good match w/ the lighter (grey) bezel. I haven't seen other variations of the black Seastar 1000's, but I've seen pics of darker-looking (?) black dials w/ white minutes chapter, rather than the red chapter on the 1000 you had.

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MessageAllways informative...

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NameJussi Mozo
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I have been around divers watches and sites devoted to them for plenty of years and I have tell you this - your site rocks! smilie

Not only have you created a site that is one of the few places you can really see not just good but great pics of these cult items but you have done it with a style that is your own and pays tribute to the heritage of old timers. This site is an example of what the internet can offer at its best for the divers watch coinnoisseur.

Great Work smilie

NameDoug Darter
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I have enjoyed your site tremendously, and will continue to find it a useful resource. The photographs are really fist class. You are to be commended.

You have a very representative collection, without too much focus. Some of the watches I have, others I would love to own. Keep up the excellent work.

NameDavid Woo
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MessageClay: ok, I've racked my brain and just cannot remember what tv show your theme music is from!
I vividly remember watching it, Admiral Nelson, that cool sting-ray shaped sub that came out of the bottom hatch at the front of the sub....but the name escapes me. Help!
Hope you are well.
David Woo
southern Calif.

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MessageDear sir

Your site and pics are excellent.

I wonder if you could advise me i am looking into buying a divers watch and your site has left me spoilt for choice. I particularly like the Marathon SAR and CWC, can you give me your opinions and advantages and disadvantages on them.

Many thanks.

Enjoy your watches and dive safely.



NameJon Pelliconi
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MessageNeed to find a strap for a mid 70's Blancpain Fifty Fathom. Any sugjestions.

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