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MessageHello. And Bye.

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NameDoug Craig
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MessageThanks very much for the compressor FAQ! Very informative. Thanks to you, I know exactly what I have- a 30mm dual crown (cross thatch) Radiant compressor (dive helmet marked, Brevet 313813), from 1969. Very cute little watch rated to 10ATM. 25 jewel automatic- so nice movement to boot. If you'd like to add some photos of this to your data base, I am happy to share. I'd say even though the modest 10ATM (330 meter), given the functionality of the watch (SS steel case, heavy crystal and fully functional internal bezel) this may have been intended to be a true dive watch (either for a lady or a boy). Bet you she'd have done 100' feet dives all day long when new.


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