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NameSteve Hall
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MessageExcellent resource, thanks.

Messagebye the way im very fascinated that you are using the theme song from the series"voyage to the bottom of the sea" its as rare as the theme song from the series "flipper" and "combat"

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great collection. just fyi i recieved my ADANAC in 1987 in its generic cardboard box from a airforce mssgt who was one of my scuba pupils. i logged + 20 hrs of pool dives teaching scuba and 3 80' dives in the kelp beds of catalina island in southern cal. and it performed flawlessly and right now as i type this its still ticking away with a new battery rigth beside my SS submariner circa sept 1989 which was a wedding gift from my wife. also in my collection is a seiko 6309 cased in hong kong, a seiko 6309 "modern" w/ pepsi bezel, rolex explorer 2 with black face and numerous casio g shocks. when my 2 boys deserve them they'll get the rolexes so im looking to buy a gmt doxa so i can retire them. "time is too precious of a commodity to read on a cheap watch" cheers! vince.

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so glad i found this site as i have found some information regarding my fathers Squale Master 1000mtrs watch regarding the movement ect all i need to do now is find someone who can restore it
anyone [email protected]

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MessageGreetings from Croatia!

Wonderful watch collection and all on one place. Nice to know it´s here.

Keep on the good work smilie

NameGordon Hack
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MessageGreat site with some lovely watches. I'm very interested in making a custom Sandoz like yours. Can you tell me what type of arcylic crystal is fitted to the watch? Does a Rolex tropic 19 fit?



NameScott W.
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MessageVery impressive collection. I started diving in the late '60s, having learned it from my father who did military diving in the 50s. I wish I would have acquired then, the watches I covetted but couldn't afford, and which I now see in your collection. Thanks for sharing it.
BTW, I'm looking for a bezel insert for a Heuer 1000.

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Messagehi!great site!wonderful!i look at something like yours site very long time!....and i found!i love diver's watches,i dont have too much money,in poland noone have smilie but i have a watch AKZENT professional diver automatic 21 jevels 300m and i have a questions in this case,i would like to know is that watch good or is it shit?could be cheap watch for 99 euro really 300 m resistant?is it possible?maybe you can tell me something about that.thank you very much in avanse and good bye smilie

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NameClay Rawn
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MessageGreat Website,love the music and the fading in and out. The collection is extensive I was blown away by the beautiful dive watches. Good luck

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