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MessageLooking to buy Chronosport UDT black with black band (not champagne model) - any help would be appreciated - thanks


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NameJ Soule
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MessageWhat a great website...

May be I'll try and search for a Squale or a MKII or a Doxa or a... ARRRGGGH!!

Good work!!

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Namefrancisco rodriguez
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Messagehello from virginia,
1st of all, i absolutely love your site! i actually was inspired to purchase a sandoz hk submariner (cheaper than the singapore version smilie ) and reproduce your milsub homage...hope you don't take offense smilie ! it's at iww now awaiting the mod by jack. your pics are amazing and the information is just phenomenal. i'm now looking to slowly purchase some of the pieces i've seen in your collection. thank you for making this site available to the public!
p.s. is your theme music from star trek smilie ? also, do you belong to any watch forums, and if so, which ones and what's your name on them? in case you decide to sell off some watches smilie !!!

NameDongbum Kim
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MessageGood stuffsss^^ smilie

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NameKristopher Korpinen
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MessageGREAT SITE!!!
I am also a lover of dive watches, and of anything dive related. Your site has now become a huge resource for my addiction. smilie

NameJohn Cameron
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MessageGREAT SITE !!!

Aqualand Classic News:

I recently discovered that the Aqualand Classic was issued to RAN (Royal Australian Navy) Clearance divers as well as used by US Navy Seals and salvage divers.

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