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MessageVery interesting website with excellent pictures of (sometimes) very rare wristwatches. Well done! Please continue. smilie

NameDavid LECNIK
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MessageDear all,

I'm a watchmaker in Slovenija trying to help one of "crazy divers" in my area.
He's got Jenny Caribbean 1000 with quite some problems...
I don't think I'll have problems with movement and case but plexi glass - this is another story.

Could you advise me who to "bother", where to purchase this kind of glass. Since making it - I can make it but it could become too much for his budget...

Regards from Slovenija


NameElias Nikolakopoulos
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Amazing collection!
I am owner of a citizen promaster. Very strong and reliable watch.
I saw yours and I liked your cloth bracelet. I looked for it in citizen delegation but I didn’t find anything. Do you know where can I find it ?

Keep walking!

Nameglenn harris
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Messagenice job. like the site.

NameMike from Corvus
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MessageHi! Your website is a really great resource. Just about the best out there.

I agree with your statement about the vintage bands found on Squale divers. I have had several of these on Squales I have owned. I am also now convinced that they were not made by Isofrane. I am convinced that they were made by Benetto and were probably one of their first products.

Our website now carries this same band, still made by Benetto. They are really identical in every way to the originals.

We put a link to your site on our blog.

Thanks again!

MessageTo previous posters...

Please read the instructions of your computer. There should be a volume control in there somewhere.


MessageWhen I went to your site to look into watches, it took over my speakers and forced me to listen to some carp I didn't want to hear. I wanted only to *see* the site. Anyway, I tell you because it's sofa king annoying that someone *must* have hacked your site and put it in there. I can't imagine any web developer worth his salt would force such agony on precious visitors.

Hope you get the virus removed,

NameBernie Foy
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I was wondering wether you may be able to asist me in the identification of a watch that I purchased some time ago. It is a divers watch that I have been unable to identify and am seeking assistance.
the watch is a vintage divers watch that has the following markings
21 Jewels
180 feet tested

Are you able to assist or point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance


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MessageI think this is the ultimate web-site about diver watches.
Often I enter with new surprise .
Thanks and regards.

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