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MessageGreat site! I have always loved dive watches and didn't realize there was such a variety of these unique watches. It made me pull out my very modest collection and reminisce a little. Keep it up so the rest of us can watch and drool.

NameMichael Clemmons
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MessageVery interesting site. I too have a great interest in dive watches though my collection is a humble one. I have a Rolex Submariner(LV), a Seiko Black Monster, a Citizen titanium Eco drive, a St. Moritz Momentum with quartz movement and with a depth rating of 500m. Really enjoyed the site.

NameFran├žois Dermaux
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MessageI like your website. I visit it regularly to take a break, and dream of the next dive...
I think the Auricoste on your home page looks great. The Spirotechnique company in Paris is about to release a new version of it (available from next September. Pre-orders possible), with new box, new bands...and new price. It's worth it.
Kind regards

NameJeff Jenkins
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MessageDropped in from the OCEAN7 forum on WUS. Glad you got your LM-2. I have the LM-1,2 and 3 along with a Bathys, a Luminox and a Rolex GMT. You've got a great site here. I'm not going to take it all in at once. I think I'll check out a few of your watches at a time to stretch it out. Anyway, you have a VERY nice collection! smilie I'm so jealous.

NameTrevor or Karmatp on the forums
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MessageReally enjoyed your site, I have a few of those watches and their is a few more I would like to have, nice reference place for me. Take care my friend...Trevor smilie

Namebobby arroyo
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MessageGreat site, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As a proud owner of a Tudor Submariner (79190) this site just beckoned to me.

I will definitely be coming back time and time again to enjoy this.

Thanks. BTW, hearing again the theme song of 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' brought back quite a few memories.


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MessageHELP! I need a seiko replacement bezel insert like the one you put in your Elgin divers watch. I have a Seiko Quartz Diver 150 (stainless/gold w/gold face) Case#7N42-6A00

I want to restore it to it's original condition and Coserv (Seiko USA repair center) does not have the part any longer.

Anyone that has this part or can get it, please email me.

NameJohn Goldberger
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Messagesmilie My Compliments,very nice and interesting website,but I don't understand where are the price of the watches on sale!
Best Regards

NameChuck Atkins
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Have you been to He has a Movado Super Sub - the bezel is a little rough but it's a very cool watch!

NameEric E."Pappy" LeClair SGT/USMC (Ret.)
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MessageClayman your sight kicks ass!

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