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NameLarry Iervoline
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MessageI enjoyed your site very much. I am a newbee in watch collecting, have a couple, but just started to be interested in vintage dive watches. What is a good resource for a person interested in learning more about vintage dive watches? This new interest in vintage watches was sparcked by Matt Hoopers Alsta in Jaws. I would like to see some stuff. Is it good to go to pawn shops? I am a tactile type and like to see and touch the watches I buy. I would apreciate any advise you can give. Thanks for the great site, you have an incredible collection, congrats. Larry

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NameDon Cox
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MessageThis is a great sight. I caused me to buy my first Doxa sharkhunter!

I was wondering if you had a maker for the bund strap on your BULOVA SUPER-COMPRESSOR. I love the brown leather and it looks like great quality.

Anyway I just want to gush about the site and I also love the theme from Voage to teh bottome of the sea... lol


NameHerb Wong,MD
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Messagegreat site. I'm a desk diver,&diver watch lover. an opinion,please, would you pick a nos Squale 500 pvd or a vintage 2001 Squale saphir? thanks. smilie smilie

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MessageBadass smilie

NameIstvan Bacsalmasi
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MessageAmazing collection, wide range of legendary diver watches!

The Eterna and the Tudor series are the most stunning ones.

Cheers from Hungary

NameLtCol. Matthew E. Sutton
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MessageGreat to see your new inventory. I would like to see more on the CWC brand, if possible.

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