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Private Message added 2012-12-02

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MessageRESPECT smilie

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I have an original Certina DS2 PH1000 watch, which I bought at 1970. I am the first owner.
If I want to sell this watch what might be the price. Do you th┼čink ebay maight be the right place, or any specilazed site for this watch. Can you suggest me.??


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MessageAwesome site you have put together here. An excellent resource that I have enjoyed.
Thanks a ton

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Private Message added 2012-09-26

NamePhilipe Almeida
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MessageIve been interested in watches for a long, long time, and have been back and forth with many brands and styles....Until I found your site. I come back almost on a daily basis, and have completely "submerged" myself in the world of tropic bands, snowflake hands, maixmum no decompression bezels and mesh bracelets! I couldnt be more envious of your fabulous collection, or thankful for your encyclopedic knowledge. Simply cannot speak highly enough of the fantastic job you have done with this site. Thank you very much from the whole collectors comunity!

NameMatt B
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Recently I inherited a Seiko 6105 Divers Watch from my grandfather. The watch spent most of its time in a jewelry box and not worn. The watch is in I wanna say mint condition. All I know of these watches is the information about them online and how they have become very popular among collectors.

I was wondering if maybe my watch is something you would be interested in.

Thank you,

Matt B

NameHerman Heierman
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MessageBeen looking for a site like this for a long time. I own a Jacques Monnet three register chrono that looks very much like the ow 2000. It was a gift to me back in 1968 from my mother. I've been searching the net for a long time to find out information about the chrono. I am interested in parting with it but I don't know it's value. It has never been opened up. It doesn't run correctly and will need some tlc. Contact me for a value would be appreciated. Keep up the good work on the sight. smilie

NameEJ Vail
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MessageGreat Site

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