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MessageAnother one for you guys...

Look at the id honda2quick...

Selling : 1&rd1

Bought in the past :

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Messagesregard the URL I posted previously, here is the information:

1909 Ty Cobb Sweet Caporal, MUST SEE!!!! NR
Seller: slavetonone
Auction #: 5180190648
Current Bid: $190.13 (1 Day + left)

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Message 8&rd1&ssPageNameWDVW

another one gets taken...private feedback, hitten bidder IDs and no font size change in DETROIT in the larger scan of the front of the card

In my opinion you can add slavetonone to your concerned sellers list smilie

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MessagePay attention to the ebay seller newcer - he buys reprints and then turns around and sells them as non-reprints.

Examples :
Buys : 5173363082 (1954 Banks reprint from starsforless)
Sells : 5174447129 (1954 Banks)

Buys : 5174620209 (1956 Koufax reprint)
Sells : 5175839003 (1956 Koufax)

Several more can be seen from his buying/selling history... smilie

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Message 3&rd1

the person selling this item. Previously known as kimpossible1430, then kelseysattic, then bigchiefmike2004, then big chiefmike2000 they are a fraud.

I found myself in yahoo chat and they were asking to buy Non marked reprints to sell for big bucks on ebay.

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MessageBeing fairly new to the hobby of card collecting, I'd like to express my thanks to Al for initiating this forum, which has been presented to us in order to better educate, inform and protect the newcomer and give the more experienced collectors a chance to exchange ideas and information. Having a place like this is very important since discussion boards like Ebays' are often policed by morons and informative posts are deleted for some assinine reason. Keep up the good work Al, stay vigilant and thank you.

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Messagerock121645...I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut this creep is the latest ebay report button pusher. He came in advertising his Mantles, then when busted comes back with his new Cobb questions of who to have grade it. 0875

To make things worse, he gets to keeps his ads running and I get pinks for telling what his ebay emails says, YOU ARE AN ASS! They slap me for quoting him with: You are an a$$!

Also got slapped for saying, I'd like to introduce ol' Juan to rock121645!

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