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MessageGreetings! I enjoyed looking through your website. For The safest Air Medical Transportation, take a look at our site and feel free to contact us!
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NameDr. James Chappell
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MessageI just discovered you and your work on the Internet today. I have been a N.D., Ph.D., and D.C. for 34 years. I wish I would have known you many years ago. However, it is never too late to learn. I am sending you a check for $38 for your two books left in print, plus an extra $20 for fast shipping and $23 for a one year membership to the BNHS. I hope to see you in Florida in June. Thank you for all that you do.
Sincerely, Dr. James Chappell

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MessageThanks for your great articles, Dr. Sidhwa! I have been to several of ANHS conferences, and remember your terrific speeches, always full of humor and good stories. Now I am a member of INHS, International Natural Hygiene Society, as you are. Enjoy your retirement smilie

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Nameenrique vargas
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MessageMagnifico encontrar un espacio de reflexión profunda para la sanación planetaria


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MessageStarting over with a new guestbook for Dr. Sidhwa - welcome to sign smilie

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