Here is where you tell me why you are anti-abortion. If you are a prat.
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Private Message added 2008-11-21

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MessageHigh five from one vegan feminist to the next smilie Keep fighting the good fight, I was very happy to find your site.

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I saw your profile on myspace and I think I'm going to shut down my profile there too. I am there to show some vegan food i made and hoping that people can see that vegans don't just eat salad. Profile; mikaelonline

Anyway, there is a song you might enjoy by Promoe on myspace. It's Murder Murdoch smilie Profile; promoe

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MessageThis site is great.

> Greetings in truth and fortitude!
> Hi my name is AleX from the wasteland known as the
> Philippines. Listen I do a zine called WHY SIT DOWN
> and I'm currently down with the third issue and Im
> lacking scene reports and articles or columns. SO Im
> asking you guys nicely to please send me articles so
> it would be released already ok. I hope you would
> help
> me out with this endeavor. send your contributions
> right away as soon as possible. Thanks you ver much
> and more power. Up the PunX. Hare Krishna! Haribol!
> Your servant,
> AleX

MessageHappy New Year from BASQUE COUNTRY.......... I hate say "Spain" for many reasons............
I'm almost sleepy but a big kiss & hug...
talk with you soon...
My best wishes to all the people who are struggling to change this crappy world....
I've cool recipes for you LAURA....
Regards of my cats too.....
take care agur
JUANTXO punk..

MessageHIYA LAURI!!!
Here JUANTXO from BASQUE COUNTRY... I hope that all is OK with you vegan warrior... I dont any news from you for long time....
I can tell you that the ORGANIC GARDEN is nice now i put the winter vegetables but i'm with flu at the moment so i must rest.
You must back here to eat yummie food & share nice time... well now the fall is cold but today is a sunny day but with a chili wind....
We're in contact by mails smilie oki & if someone know where i can get ORGANIC SEEDS for my garden pls drop me a mail.....
JUANTXO!!!! smilie

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MessageТоварищи стрит эйджеры, вы неправы нихуя. Пить это круто!

Namelaura synthesis
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Message??? smilie
I'm glad I'm not drinking what he's drinking.

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MessageI'm a prat and proud of it.I sit in The Star all day long and drink myself stupid because I've got nothing better to do.

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MessageJOHN!!! What is your new email address?? smilie

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