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Private Message added 2017-03-10

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MessageDo you know a Peter Zimmerman? We grew up together in Midland, Tx. and I believe he's at Wake Forest working on a Masters program.

I was looking for a scripture and found your blog.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you,

Whatever your task,work at it heartily, for the Lord and not for men. Col 3:23

Private Message added 2009-04-29

NameCarolyn Crumpler
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MessageSo glad to discover your blog! I knew you were at WF, but I
had not heard in a long, long time.

Best wishes to you as you continue your journey! You have a
wonderful heritage!


NameTruth 2008
MessageDuring the Bush presidency America experienced the greatest loss on wealth in history: Massive drop in home values, loss in average income, energy prices through the roof, massively expensive war. Time to send republicans to the unemployment line.


NameSteve Dean
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MessageHi Gil, I found your information on the web and wanted to say hi. How is your Dad doing?
We were looking for The Steps System when I found your information.

NameMike Childress
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While doing some googling on a paper I'm researching, I found your piece "Jul 24, 2006 ... So, lets get back to the "in beginning" question. .... Is there anything in the original Hebrew creation account that does confirm the ..." Went to your blog....still couldn't find it.

As I read your profile, it reminded me of days we spent at SBTS (MDIV, '87). I remained within Baptist life until 1992. Episcopal Church 1992-1995. I've retained standing within the UCC for the past 16 years.

We live here in Salisbury, N.C. I'm in my first year at First UCC, Salisbury.

Good luck in your pastoral pursuits.

Private Message added 2008-04-21

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MessageFair and dear greeting from far the sweden with peace and harmony of Christ ,feel his presence in the Spirit and joy for now we can work togethers for salvation to lost people in everywhere with tell and with pray and pray and believe in Lord,what he will do,thanks for your love to Jesus win and win,bless and hope with thanks ,keijo sweden smilie smilie

Private Message added 2007-03-20

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