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Nametom sweet
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Dont know why I never thought of you all having a site ! just searching and put meat hammer into the engine,lo and behold your here!I may be up that way later this summer.I had some contact with wedge,Tony And JAke.So pyched to see your all still around!Do you tour out at all cuz I could try to get you booked here in Athens O.H!I dont havew much pull in Cleveland tho I may be able to find you a gig there.So...........What da fuxz man?Tell me your story Havent seen you in at least a decadeI was up there a fue years ago but was totaly lame in not visiting,tho for reasons I will explain in person Shite! yr guest book is attacking me as I wrote that.Hope this message goes thru.Im semi computer illitrate(and simple spelling too)drop me a line when you can old bud! Im thinking of July to visit.Or if Your on tour lets set that up!Iv got some land out in the country.Up on a hill considerd sacred by the natives and the area of a spiritualst community in the 1870's!It would be great if you all could come down this way.Its a collage town with an amazing,amorphis write my life story now but I sure hope to hear from you.Til then god speed to you black emporer!
In truth and pain
Tommy Sweet

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MessageBootmerch, your new place to buy some good records and some fucking great clothes, and you, it’s good prices. So what are you waiting for visit it now.

Nameshotgun mike
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Messagehaha, whats up man, good to see you all are still playing and kicking ass! Once again, when the f are you coming to Los Angeles and play with death valley meth lab?
keep it up, later

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MessageHey old man. Our last show was at Geno's 1990 ish--- "No Fun" so fuckin glad you are still alive and pukin.

NameBad Credit
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MessageSaw you guys way back in the beginning of time. Met the drummer from the Double Naught Spys (Dave) and we realized we both Knew Lenny. I saw Iggy and Blondie back in '76 with Lenny in Boston. One of the Greatest shows I ever saw. Bad Credit played Geno's in the '80s and we're still rocking. We played there about a 1 1/2 years ago. I've run into Jordan throughout the years, although he has no idea who I am. No Jordan, Nobody in Bad Credit was a rat. That's from our last conversation. We usually talk about Geno's. Bad Credit will play the New Geno's sometime. Although we don't play punk, I can certainly appreciate it! Keep hammering on! Nice Site. Sorry to hear about Lenny, I will pass on the news to some of his old friends from another era.
Later, Bill Cooper.

NameJohn Doe
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MessageWell just wanted to tell everyone all around that the lads in the punkband Sniffing Glue still are looking
for gigs around and about everywhere, people who want to get them gigs, well get in touch,now!
Cheers. Well if you want to support them, get them gigs or maybe buy their crap, for the moment there are
some nice records and new t-shirts 4 sale. And ofcourse go and nick some of their mp3:s. Well what are you waiting for, contact the bastards.

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Messagei caught your show at jeno's with preston.good show never have seen you guys before thanks for the show. smilie

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MessageHello @all
thank`s for this site.
Great job.

Namei eat shit
Messagethe last show at genos with the assbags kicked my ass.. Exploited/Assbags sept.9 05' Manchvegas...FUCK SOMEONE YOU HATE!!!!

MessageI was the kid who started screaching like a little girl when you guys played I Need Lunch at you last show at the Keith Anderson in Orono.

You guys are my fucking favorite maine band, so come back and play up north again soon!

When my band is playing shows again we'd love to set up a show and play with you guys, possibly this fall.

Keep it up you guys, you inspire all of us.

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