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Private Message added 2007-11-22

NameScott A. Brayer
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Messagesmilie smilie
Mesmerized by the possibilities of communications with the three magic youngsters the two Asian seekers of truth knelt in reverent repose.
“Oh young Buddha’s, keepers of the True Knowledge of the Human Soul, please bestow upon us the enlightenment we so desperately desire.” Hiroki humbly begged.
“Great and wise youth of the Soul, hear our prayer and reveal to us that which we must realize to become one with the Universe. With out your grace we are unable to realize the true propose of our lives.” Mieko added with a air of desperate spiritual desire seldom relinquish from the depths of a human heart.
“You guys have been punked.” The hidden voice behind the camera blurted. “That’s just a bunch of painted kids on a wall playing jacks.”
And in the moment of laughter that followed, both Hiroki and Mieko attained the enlightened smiles they had so earnestly prayed for.

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MessageI don't remember signing your guestbook earlier, but I do remember the message that's printed. I've enjoyed your blog and referrals, and wish you and your family well. smilie

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MessageGot in to ur site from some other blog links,

just add in my blog to ur blog ,

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MessageI just read your comments on my trilogy from May. I'm so glad you liked the stories. You'll never believe how the idea came about. The first story started out as something totally different, then as I began writing it turned into a kind of Buddhist experience. The other two just flowed on from there. I'd love to read your story! In fact, I really like your latest about the cake eating girls, a study of fetishes, very interesting!

Take care,

Lorena smilie

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MessageHello Indie,
I found your site by just browsing. It's a great site, love the respones people give to the pictures. I have done so twice, using my name, William and my blog ( My World ) it's a photo-blog.
I have your blog in my links section. I read the respones daily with a good cup of Java...

Take care,

My World .......

NameSandeep (u can call me sandy)
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MessageQuite a nice blog. Indie you are really a great writer. The theme of the blog is superb. You want to hangout more and more here.

'If you want to stand out, don't be different; be outstanding. '
That's what u are outstanding.

Thanks Indie.


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MessageGreat site...please consider checking out m humble blog as well.
Fumbling Toward Democracy and the address is


NameS. Ramos O'Briant
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MessageSent the manuscript of vampire story off to agent. Now have time to work on links, website, revising short stories, blog --- get a life.

Never spent so much time viewing a blog --- what a marvel yours is! You are my current bloggod. Be satisfied with that, don't think there's a smiley for it.

MessageLove your blog & its philosophy. I like uncertainty quite a lot. New to Blogger, I'm very happy to have come across your pages.

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