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NameGraham Lack
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MessageSehr geehrter Herr Jonas,
meine Email (oldcameras-at...) kam zurück. Es ging um 9x12 Planfilmeinlagen. Danke, Ihr Graham Lack

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so eine tolle Seite haben wir in Deutschland gar nicht. Ich bin selber Sammler, vieleicht werde ich etwas kaufen mal schauen.
Auf jeden Fall tolle Seite!
Jens smilie

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Ist folgende Kamera noch zu erwerben?

W15 Retina II Xenon 2/5cm 221655K 24x36 B- 85,-- Typ 142

Ist es das Modell mit den runden Messucherfenstern?

Vielen Dank im Voraus
Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Jens Fritz

Namealbert erzetich
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Messagehello from australia:
i have recently purchased a 5x7 linhof view camera. it is the early model (1948 ?) that takes single sheet film and they are made of metal. they have a single sheet septerm inside the holder and a single dark slide. i have been looking for these for some time now and have had no luck. a friend has a similar camera and is unable to use it as he has no film holders.he is also searching for holders to purchase. i have a few,but would like to find more so that i may load up and take loaded film on site. could you help or you may know who i may be able to contact to help me.
thank you for your assistance. all the best for now.

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MessageDear Sir / Madam , would like to check if below part / Kodak 102mm f2.7 still avail ? If so pls to advise if shipping to Malaysia is possible and how much will be the shipping cost ?

a ) 238 Kodak Anastigmat 2,7/102 EY 144 OD, RD C 39,-- f. Cine Kodak
b ) C001 Kodak Anastigmat 2,7/102mm EY144 Kodak Magazin 16mm box, front and rear cap C 35,--

Thanks .

NameAlfred Woelk
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MessageA true treasure chest for the collector. I am happy to have found this web site and will become a customer very soon.
Greetings from an Ex-Austrian!

NameJohn Froehlich
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MessageHello from "Down Under"
Just like to say, what an interesting site for new and old collectors this is. Thank you.

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cool page,

NameLuiz Paracampo
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MessageCongratulations for your site. Of course you are in Austria and in the presentation you have several austrian photo and movie products exposure meter and the interesting Varioflex.They were made in small quantities and are little known (except Eumig).
Why not expose a history of such products?
We, historians of the old photographic technology will appreciate. The great public also. My best

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I don't know whether or not anyone can help me, but my uncle left me a lot of camera accessories, I am okay with all except I do know what this is - it could be a light meter - it is made by Tele-Bewi - it has like two barrels on it on of which one has a eye piece. I would like to more about it, can anyone help me please. I can send a photo to anyone, that maybe able to help me.
Many many thanks all of you.

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