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NameBrian Wickham
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MessageMy uncle, Mark Wickham, was B Company commander in the Cork City Battalion. My father, Michael Wickham, was an officer in B Company and also a founding member of the Cork Volunteer Pipe Band.

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MessageVery interesting. Thanks.

NameMar Maguire
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MessageGreat site, My Grandfather Maurice Maguire was 1st Lt 10th Cork brigade, (C) Churchtown South.Keep up the good work.Completing some research so info is very helpful.

NameSusan Wheeldon
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MessageMy maternal grandfather was Captain Michael Coleman of West Cork (Tiernanean). Liam Deasy included a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day in his book. Very proud of my roots. Such an interesting site - thank you.

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NameMike Walsh
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MessageWonderful site, very informative!

My father was Na Fianna Eireann on Easter Sunday 1916. Augustine Walsh is his name and I have a scroll that he received in 1959. He never spoke of the war after he came to the US in 1927. Not altogether sure if he stayed involved after the Rising or he just went about his business. My gut tells me (Combat Vet of VN war) there was a bit more going on at one point. His silence reflects mine for many years. Curious if anyone kept tabs on the lads that went quiet after the civil war? smilie

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MessageHi.great site .i am looking for any information on a member named William (billy) murphy.he was born in Waterford and was a captain of a cork brigade.he was a bodyguard to eamon devolearra from 1919-1921. He was a dental mechanic by profession.he moved to co.down where he met and married my great aunt.he passed away in the late 1960s.any information would be greatly appreciated.thanks

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