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NameWarren Golden
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MessageDo you have an account with Facebook?

NameKen Mayes
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MessageGot a question. Has anyone ever attempted to run a Star Blazers RPG? I did once, using the Star Wars Saga Edition Role Playing Game from Wizards of the Coast which is a modified D20 system. I ran a group of players through most of the 1st Season of the show.
There were a number of problems, including the death of Derek Wildstar at the battle of Pluto, and one of my players attempting to kill Captain Avatar when he disagreed with a given order, but all in all the system adapted well to the Star Blazers universe (I just had to take out most of the Jedi and Force stuff except for the Iscandarian/Avalonian characters and those were toned down).
I admit I sweated a bit during some game sessions, not least of which was the Battle of Pluto when the Gamilons attacked with the Reflex Gun. As DM my dice rolls were made publicly so my players would have known had I fudged the numbers. But the Argo survived even though the Gamilons had reduced the ship to less than 200 hit points. It was close though. Any thoughts?

NameMelissa Twiss
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MessageI've only just started writing Starblazers smilie (posted on fanfiction) and have been astounded to find this site smilie. How do I get my stories published here please smilie and is there a way to access all stories smilie .

Thank you for making this site possible.

NameJohn B. Moreland
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MessageAll I can say is well done on the entire series you've written. It fits in well with the original storyline along with the classical references, being historical moments, places and such. I have read it through several times now. Right along with Stephen King's "The Stand" smilie smilie

Nameken mayes
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MessageHi Freddo smilie

NameLee W. Madison
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MessageAn old member of the EDC just looking into Yamato fandom. I'm still in love with Spacecruiser Yamato, it will always hold a very special place in my geeky heart, and continue to influance my artwork. Keep the banners flying!!

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MessageGraphics are in fact fastidious source of teaching instead of passage, its my know-how, what would you say?

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Messageперечитал весь блог, довольно неплохо

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MessageDoes my own guestbook still work? smilie smilie smilie

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Your really have very cool site!
Can i subscribe to your RSS if your have?!?!?!
Please mail me about it...

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