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Messagegiutokl coytiu8xs

Namesunil kumar dora
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Messagehello sir
some links what you provided thats not doenloaded
properly...is ther any alternative way to download that matterial.

sunil dora

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MessageNICE QUTOES!!!! smilie

Nameranga prasad
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Messageall interview material and question and answere

MessageHey Sudarshan,
15 years ago, while waiting for my CET (engineering admission) results to come out, I remember reading my first (and alas last) Hindi Pulp. It was either Surendra Mohan Pathak or Ved Prakash Sharma.
Basically plot had cynical hero who is lied to by everyone of the suspects, but manages to get truth out of them. Climax had him at the shooting range and realizing because he was not a shooter that the clock that had been broken during the murder by a seemingly random bullet was deliberately shot at to provide an alibi.

good stuff!
I think it is likely to be a Pathak book, no? Any idea on the hero?


Namegaurav shah
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Messagehello sir,
i m in 3rd yr. computer engg. requesting u for e books and tutorial of java,.net,gre
my email id is [email protected] smilie

Nameshailesh agarwal
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i am thealso the great fan graet of surendra mohan pathak and amitab bachan and ashswarya raoy

and all my activities same as you

i have also a huge collection of photos of above

i want to become your friend

i have a great will that i make series of diologs and of vimalseriesh -by surendra mohan pathak novels

will you also like i know you also like this

and i also want to do many things so join hand

i am on orkut

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Nametom college
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Message"I almost did every thing to get this homepage listed in Google." Mr. Vivek your webpage is first on the list for Google searches!! Search: "Uplifting Quotes" smilie

What you have created is a beautiful thing.
There is need for more people such as yourself. I found myself inspired ( not just the quotes ) but the fact people like you put this together for people you'll never have a chance to meet. That is inspiring, Thank you.

smilie God Bless smilie

NameNaveen Kumar
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MessageI want to prepare for Gre/Tofel Please send me the guest book & help meee....


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