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NameRicky Rascal Ro Ro
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MessageHeck yea dude the only way to listen to j z. 420 blaze it.

Namejonas fry
Messagewow i cant believe this is still up! well over ten years! smilie

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MessageSo glad this is still up. Burnt to disk years ago, and then lost it. We played the 99 Balloons Track at my wedding.

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Messagethis is hilarious. i love it, even though it isn't totally polished... smilie

NameMike Massaroli
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MessageDo you even see this anymore? This site must be years and years old, sheesh.

Regardless though, great work. I enjoyed a lot of this. smilie smilie smilie smilie

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MessageMan I wasn't a fan of Jay-Z until I listened to this mash up a couple of times. Thanks! This was brilliant, every song is so good.

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Messagegreat mashup REALLY enjoyed it! Keep up the great work! smilie

NameChristopher London
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MessageJAY Z's hunger for fame & money above all else only make him the Black Madonna, another iconic poseur who serves as an opiate to the delusional masses. He has been embraced by the Corporatists because his self promoting Narcissism is a better face for what was once a more aggressive stance of the the Hip Hop movement prior to Jay Z's arrival on the scene. Powerful forces in our society help this man his brand as the false face of Hip Hop, and that is by design a slap down and subversion of the true aims & growth of the original Hip-Hop Movement which was to promote social change, equality and advancement of community agenda that uplifts all of society rather than promotion of the narcissistic goals of a few select individuals. That the delusional masses worship at his iconic pose gets them to stop asking the painful questions about the current state of reality in our country.

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MessageThis album rocks hard! Keep up the good work and add a donation button.

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