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Private Message added 2016-11-21

Namepottier richard
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Messagebonjour geoff c'est richard ton fn qui t 'écrit bravo pour le concert a monpellier , je t 'écrit car j 'ai un coffret collector tour 66 de johnny , mon idole de toujour , et je voudrais mettres dedans 6 vrai photos de johnny hallyday et laetitia hallyday dédicacées différentes pour richard , peut -tu transmette mon message a johnny en personne geoff merci je conte sur toi donne lui mon adresse pour qui me les renvoie : Monsieur Pottier Richard 106 Rue de Christchurch 50000 Saint-lo france . bisous a johnny et laetitia de ma part geoff toi aussi peut -tu m 'envoyer 4 photos dédicacées pour richard merci et dit a robin le musurier de m 'envoyer 2 photos aussi dédicacées bisous bonne tournée 2012 a toi geoff , pense a moi pour le transmette a johnny hallyday .

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Messagebravo pour le concert de l'aréna avec JH à Montpellier ; surtout dans la partie "unplugged" où j'ai pu te voir de près avec ton kilt ; tu es très sympathique et respectueux du public ; encore bravo et merci..... à bientôt !

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NameEddie Smith
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MessageHi Geoff
Just thought I'd drop you a line / I'm no drummer spotter but having listened to Prozac People by Killing Joke for the 1000th time I was compelled to find out who was the drummer, which was your goodself

Thanks for the magic!

Will have to take a tour of your work/website
Would be interesting to know what its like to work with KJ



NameAndy Moore
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MessageHey Geoff
I just thought I'd say hi I recently dug(pardon the pun)out my "Europeans" vinal yes vinal!! and converted it into midi files...I am now delighting once more in the frankly great work you did on such tracks as "you don't want me" and "Don't give your heart"...Just thanks man you've always been an early influence and it's nice to re visit the past.

Keep on keeping on brother!!

Andy (Roland TD-12 and custom converted drums by me)


Messagehi dad smilie smilie

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Hi Geoff!
Greetings from Germany. Saw you when playing way back in the 80's as member of the EUROPEANS in Munic and followed you with my friend Ria to your next gig in Berlin. It was freezing and you had mercy on us two , so you smuggled us in your hotel room... smilie cause we otherwise would have sleept in my little car.
Thanks for wonderfull music and your hospitality!
Check out this facebook link: The Europeans - re-form for one off gig!!

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